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Edge of Forever – Another Paradise

Released by 7 Hard Records 2010

Review Added February 13, 2010

Released By: 7Hard Records 2010
Run Time: 50:04
Style: AOR/Melodic Rock

1. Distant Voices**
2. Another Paradise
3. Lonely**
4. Edge Of Life
5. I Won’t Call You**
6. My Revenge
7. What I Have Never Seen
8. What A Feeling
9. Eye Of The Storm**
10. Against The Wall
Hot Tracks**

Vocals & Keyboards – Alessandro Del Vecchio
Guitar – Walter Caliaro
Drums – Francesco Jovino
Bass – Nik Mazzucconi

Italian AOR band EDGE OF FOREVER have never been a band short on line-up changes, and with new album ANOTHER PARADISE the changes are the biggest yet. Walter Caliaro comes in to replace previous guitarist Matteo Carnio, but the biggest change is that the bands highly-skilled keyboard maestro Alessandro Del Vecchio has taken on a dual role by becoming the bands lead vocalist. It is a move that seems to have paid off well for EDGE OF FOREVER because Del Vecchio’s melodic and soulful voice is perfect for this type of music.

The bands overall sound hasn’t changed that much from 2005’s LET THE DEMON ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, it’s just been refined and finessed, which is aided by a great production that also owes its thanks to Del Vecchio. The keyboard is a little more prominent in this release but never too much as to take the edge out of the music. There is plenty of big gang vocal choruses and catchy sections to please most lovers of the genre and this is a band that knows its audience and market well. 2010 is set to be a pretty big year in the AOR and melodic rock scene, with some real big hitters returning including KEEL and GIANT among others, so this early release window of JAN-FEB will suit the band perfectly. Not that they don’t deserve to be spoken about in the same vein as some of the higher profile bands.

Album opener DISTANT VOICES is catchy from the opening bar and really sets the tone for the rest of the album. ANOTHER PARADISE has a bit of a heavier edge to it and reminds me a little of JOE LYNN TURNER. LONELY is an AOR gem and the verses sound like they could be written by MR. BIG. I WON’T CALL YOU is the best ballad the band has written so far and demands waving arms and a sea of bic lighters.WHAT A FEELING is, believe it or not, a cover of the IRENE CARA mega pop hit from the 1983 movie FLASHDANCE. No matter how cheesy you’d expect it to be, it’s actually a pretty awesome melodic rock song and a highlight of the album for curiosities sake if nothing else. My personal album highlight is EYE OF THE STORM, a great track that has plenty of colors and a contrasting verse and chorus that manage to sound great together.

Melodic Rock and AOR fans should jump all over this release as there is enough quality to keep even the fussiest of us happy for a while at least. If you’re already a fan of EDGE OF FOREVER that’s hesitant duo to the change in lead vocalists, fear not, this is the best the band has ever sounded.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  8/10

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