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Hansel – Never Say Die

Released by Independant January 09, 2010

Review Added January 27, 2010

Released By: Independant January 09, 2010
Run Time: 37:10
Style: Glam Rock

No Evil
Follow The Rain**
Bleed Me Dry**
Chemical Attraction**
Kiss of Death
One Bullet**
Storms of the Sea**
Death of a Movie Star
Hot Tracks**

Vocals – Jett Jones
Guitar & Keyboard – Busta Lacey
Guitar – Grind
Drums – Thruster Jones
Bass – Joey X Kalibre

Australia might be better know in a musical sense by pub rock bands like AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO and recently AIRBOURNE, but that hasn’t stopped Newcastle glam rockers HANSEL from trying to take on the world. The style is a mixture of MOTLEY CRUE, POISON, WIG WAM and some GUNS N ROSES and any fans of those bands will feel right at home with this album.

NEVER SAY DIE is the bands debut album and follows hot on the heels of the very well received E.P MISSION TO ROCK. I must admit that the E.P passed me by and up until my first listen of NEVER SAY DIE I had never heard of the band due mainly to the fact that out rock music scene over here in Australia is criminally under promoted. Upon first listen I was very impressed but thought my views may have been slightly obscure by home-town spirit, but after a whole heap of more listens I am ready to say that this is one of if not THE best glam rock release of the decade. Sure there are some other very awesome glamsters around at the moment including CRASHDIET, NASTY IDOLS, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and of course WIG WAM, but this is the first glam album in recent memory that hasn’t had a song or two that I skip. Every song on this album is excellent, and in an era of digital sales and singles, that is an absolute rarity and something the band should be proud of.

The opening track I DON’T NEED SAVING has a great lyric to it, sure it’s one we’ve heard different iterations of many times, but it’s just pure fun and works very well. ERUPTION is a great track that will please fans of more melodic glam music. ROCK CITY is one of two main highlights for me and is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in a long time. WILD TONIGHT has the hair band thing down perfectly and would have been a massive hit on Headbanger’s Ball back in the day. BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE is a slower song that whilst not really fitting with the rest of the album, manages to drag you in, especially with it’s SLASH inspired lead guitar work. MURDER 101 is the second main highlight for me and deserves to be a massive hit. Honestly I could say great things about each and every track on the album, but those few are a great place to start.

HANSEL have managed to capture the spirit, sound, style and feel of the heyday of glam rock and recorded what I consider to be a perfect modern day rock record. There is no reason to hesitate buying this one if you’re a fan of any sort of catchy rock music, and fans of WIG WAM can put this in their must buy list. Hopefully HANSEL can find the following and success that they deserve as these guys should be the next big thing from Australia for sure.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  10/10

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