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Hartmann – 3

Released by Sonic 11 Records – 2009

Review Added December 07, 2009

· Produced By: Sascha Paeth
· Running Time: 47:38
· Released: November 14, 2009
· Musical Style: Melodic Rock / Hard Rock
· Links:

1. I Wont Get Fooled Again
2. From Outta Space
3. Suddenly**
4. All I Can Say
5. Right Here Right Now**
6. Dont Give Up Your Dream**
7. Broken Down**
8. Dont Tell Me its Over
9. Lost in Havanna
10. Brothers**
11. Forgotten Innocence
Hot Tracks**

*Oliver Hartmann – Guitars, Vocals
*Mario Reck – Guitars
*Armin Donderer – Bass
*Dario Ciccioni – Drums
*Juergen Wuest – Keys

The German rocker and me taller Oliver Hartmann’s 3rd official studio album, rightly titled “3”, is Mr. Oliver’s new venture into the world of hard rock following a successful career with his other band, which many of you power metal fans will know, of course I speak of At Vance. After some solid metal records with them, he decided to join into his new venture which is “Hartmann”. He delivered a very solid debut album titled “Out In The Cold”, which got rave reviews worldwide and landed on many top lists of the year and many monthly magazine charts in the rock world. Surprising to some since is not always an easy transition to go from metal to a totally different genre. Now the 3rd time around he attempts to follow the same equation that made the other 2 predecessors successful, melodic and catchy a the same time, and lending his blessed powerhouse voice to the group.

Pretty straight forward rocker “Won’t Get Fooled Again” opens things up with a gutty fast rhythm, nothing special just some traditional melodic hard rock structure. “From Outta Of Space” shines the spotlight straight on Hartmann with his Coverdale-esque pipes, a nice stop and go bass line adds a nice background to this highlight, reminds of some of Whitesnake’s powerful and catchy tunes from back in the day. Marking the first power ballad is the enjoyable “All I Can Say”, even though is laid back, the song seems to work well with Oliver’s melancholy voice. Sounding a bit industrial 80’s is the rocker “Right Here Right Now”, one of the most original songs on the record. Listening to “Don’t Give Up Your Dream”, takes me back to the kick ass song “Judgement Day” by David Coverdale and Whitesnake, eery and very similar intro, Oliver’s voice is so spot on like Coverdale’s is ridiculous. The build up in the track “Brothers” gains even more momentum with Oliver’s good buddy Tobias Sammet of Edguy who lends his godly voice here to form a powerful duet, paying him back for his work in the popular Avantasia project, which he was involved in.

Of course some fans never dug up Hartmann’s decision to leave en establish band like At Vance at first, and then change genres completely, but if you take a closer look what he has to offer, is pretty obvious that the man is dong something right in his new musical projection. No this album won’t blow anybody out of the water, and it probably won’t land on many top-lists, but is a solid release none the less. I would of liked to see some more balance tunes, but the some of the song structures towards the second half of the record make it worthwhile, that and with Oliver’s strong vocals, will help push the album over mediocrity. Any fans of his previous 2 efforts will pick this one up.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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