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Heavenly – Carpe Diem

Released by AFM Records – 2009

Review Added January 14, 2010

· Produced By: Philip Colodetti
· Running Time: 45:40
· Released: December 18, 2009
· Musical Style: Power/Neo Classical Metal
· Links:

1 – Carpe Diem
2 – Lost In Your Eyes **
3 – Farewell **
4 – Fullmoon **
5 – A Better Me
6 – Ashen Paradise **
7 – The Face of Truth **
8 – Ode to Joy
9 – Save Our Souls
Hot Tracks**

* Benjamin Sotto – Vocals
* Charley Corbiaux – Guitar
* Matthieu Plana – Bass
* Olivier Lapauze – Guitar
* Piwee – Drums

Influences and inspirations comes from places sometimes little known or not traditionally popular. Such is the case often with bands in the power metal genre. As I have stated on many occasions the genre was so great at one point, perhaps leading the way in producing so many talented musicians, but as with anything, it got way to overcrowded and mimicked, hence the originality of the music significantly dropped after a while. While that might be the case now, it still has a huge following all over the world and I am happy to say that with the highly anticipated Heavenly album “Carpe Diem”, it will no doubt inject a boost of energy and freshness into the once declined power metal scene. Heavenly hails from France and founded by front man Benjamin Sotto and former drummer Max Pilo. They have gather a nice following through the years, simply because they have managed to stay ahead of the game often managing to sound refreshing and not so repetitive as the usual stuff we get from the genre. Well after releasing to great albums “Dust to Dust” and “Virus“, we wait 3 years for the next one and now my excitement is met with satisfaction. Was the wait worthwhile?

The opening titled track has a nice trashy feel to it, making it loud and crazy, utilizing the basic power metal elements that the genre is so accustomed to using. Next is the track titled “Lost In Your Eyes” has all the quintessential power metal elements, the double bass kick drums, the feverish chorus and the all but not too unfamiliar Heavenly neoclassical roots. Some of the elements that make the Frenchmen so good at the genre is the classic components that they add to the music to alter it and make it sound more progressive, which is hard to do in the power metal realm. Such is obvious evident in the track “Farewell”, singer Soto opens up with a Queen like melody and beautiful passage as it lends way to a nice piano introduction to set the anticlimactic mood just right, making it a absolute favorite on first spin. Continuing the soft melodic vocals is the reluctant track “A Better Me”, which brings to mind some material from their superb album “Virus“. The classy guitar solo and riff here marks yet another highlight in what halfway through the record, manages to hold up with any of their awesome material from previous works. The word bombastic immediately comes to one’s senses when listening to “Ashen Paradise”. Possibly the heaviest track on the record, the rampage drumming here reminds of classic Helloween material, they just don’t make em like this anymore, how’s that for some inspiration. The key boards are used brilliantly in the vibrant track “The Face of Truth”, the rhythm and guitar riffs here just gains momentum with each passage and elevates the track to another dimension of sheer metal bliss.

Personally the album pleases overall and manages to holdup very well to any of their last efforts. First power metal album in a while to hold my attention without having to get wrapped up in frenetic drumming and insane shredding. I love the classical touch they added in some of the tunes, it just makes it a bit more mature in parts. I would of loved to have heard more of it, but as it turns out is a winner, a nice balance of classic neo classical, some nice keyboards buildup and the traditional power metal roots are all intact. For once in a long time we have something to cheer about in the ever clustered world of Power Metal. Go out and support the band if power metal is your guilty pleasure.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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