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Hellfueled – Emission of Sins

Released by Black Lodge Records January 29, 2010

Review Added February 19, 2010

Released by : Black Lodge Records January 29, 2010
Produced by: Rikard Löfgren
Running Time: 37:35

1. Where Angels Die
2. Am I Blind?
3. I´m The Crucifix**
4. A Remission Of My Sins**
5. Save Me**
6. Lost Forever
7. For My Family And Satan
8. In Anger**
9. End Of The Road
10.Stone By Stone**
11.Moving On
Hot Tracks**

Andy Alkman – Vocals
Jocke Lundgren – Guitars
Kent G Svensson – Drums
Henke Lönn – Bass

The fourth installment from Swedish Metallers Hellfueled comes to the forefront after taking a short break from extensive touring with bands such as Mustasch, Saxon, Europe, Masterplan, etc over the last years. In case you didn’t know the rich story of Hellfueled can be traced back to the early 1990’s as kids mere kids jamming together Jocke and Andy found a natural thing in common, playing old school heavy metal. Getting signed to Black Lodge Records in 2003 and delivering a strong debut album titled “Volume One” got the band some well deserved recognition in the metal world. Now back again with their 4th studio record aptly titled “Emission of Sins” , they look to build on past success of previous records and have possibly deliver their stronger and best work to date.

Many will notice that one you crank this baby up, you will hear an eerie reflection of a young Ozzy Ozbourne, Andy Alkman vocals are strong and it fits the faster mind bending guitar riffs perfectly. The opener “Where Angels Die” will rip open your speakers as its bombastic thundering rhythm and bass and kick drums are violent to say the least in a good way. A highlight for me early one was the outstanding melodic and heavy hitter “A Remission of My Sins” the band’s first hit single, just solid vocals and infectious double bass pounding makes the track a killer one. The onslaught continues with “Lost Forever” which delivers on the promise of “high octane metal anthems” making this one another favorite prime cut amongst many on this diesel loaded experience. The focus here was obviously on the choruses, which end up being top notch and the absolutely plowing battery on all tracks push it past heavy metal mediocrity, whats the word I’m looking for? Smashing!!!, Ohh yes in every way literally.

Who says heavy metal is dead? if you found yourself as an unfortunately unlucky to have not heard this one yet, please do yourself a favor and go and get this record now, we welcome back another heavy hitter traditional heavy metal record, with outstanding vocals, ferocious riffs and monster hooks. Hellfueled has managed to possibly surpassed previous works with this mighty strong effort, packing a nasty upper cut of thundering and plowing metal anthems. Not a bad way to kick start 2010 with a kick ass heavy metal album that any true metal head can be proud off. Go out and get it, highly recommended.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  9/10

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