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Human Temple – Murder of Crows

Released by Escape Music – 2010

Review Added January 22, 2010

Released By: Escape Music January 22nd 2010
Produced by: Kari Nieminen, Human Temple
Run Time: 42:49
Style: Melodic Rock
Links :

1. Not My Fault**
2 Empty Stages**
3. Just One Night
4. Promised Land**
5. Lie
6. Yours Cold Blooded
7. Ghost Of You
8. Emily
9. Secret
10. What About My Broken Heart**
Hot Tracks**

Janne Hurme (vocals)
Petri Lehto (drums)
Jori Tojander (keyboards)
Harri Kinnunen (bass)

It’s been six years since HUMAN TEMPLE’S debut album INSOMNIA was released to the world via melodic rock and AOR label MTM MUSIC. At the time of it’s release, the album was very well received by critics and melodic rock fans across the globe, and ensured that the band would be a powerhouse in their homeland of Finland as well as being spoken very highly of in rock circles. An interesting fact I very recently discovered is that lead vocalist Janne Hurme is better known in Finland for his stint as a solo pop artist wherein he released a track called KIRJE which has since become one of the country’s biggest selling songs. It was Hurme’s love of rock music though, that saw him bring back his old band HUMAN TEMPLE for another go around. The new album MURDER OF CROWS isn’t quite as dark as the title and cover artwork may lead you to believe, and picks things up right where the band left them in 2004.

The HUMAN TEMPLE sound is steeped heavily in the melodic rock vibe, but at some stages a harder edge kicks in before coming back to the harmonious choruses that the band is now known for. There is a good mix of keyboard orientated songs with more direct guitar orientated songs and some colorful ups and downs throughout the album’s ten tracks. The band sound their best though when belting out the pure melodic rock stuff, as the few heavier, faster tracks don’t seem as well crafted as the rest of the album.

Opening track NOT MY FAULT is a great atmospheric melodic rocker with some awesome guitar parts. EMPTY STAGES is the album highlight for me, with lyrics that explore the hard road of stardom and a vibe that feels as though it could be a JIM PETERIK co-write. PROMISED LAND is a great blues-rock inspired song that harks back to 1987 era WHITESNAKE. GHOST OF YOU is another straightforward melodic rocker and is another definite highlight. EMILY sees the band trying the hard & heavy route without much success and doesn’t really fit the vibe of the rest of the album. WHAT ABOUT MY BROKEN HEART is the albums big ballad and doesn’t at all disappoint. There is one track however that brought the overall score for this album down. The song in mention is YOURS COLD BLOODED, a song that feels more like some trashy europop number sung by a Japanese karaoke guy. Whilst the vocals everywhere else on the album are top-notch, on this particular song they really sound ordinary and I am amazed that it was allowed onto the disc.

MURDER OF CROWS is a classy and well penned melodic rock album that will appeal to fans of JIM PETERIK, GOTTHARD and maybe even at a stretch some STAGE DOLLS. Just make sure to skip track six

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   7/10

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