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Marshall Law – Power Game (Reissue)

Released by Angel Air Records- 2010

Review Added March 09, 2010

Released By: Angel Air Records 1st March 2010
Original Release: System X 1993

1. Chain Of Youth
2. Another Generation
3. No Justice
4. Searching For Paradise
5. Naked Aggression
6. Power Game
7. Edge Of The World
8. Psychodrama
9. Dead Zone
10. Leviathan
11. Naked Aggression (Single Version)
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Vocals – Andy Pyke
Guitar – Andy Southwell
Guitar – Dave Martin
Bass   – Roger Davis
Drums – Lee Morris

**Note – This review is based solely on the 2010 re-issue of Power Game released on 1st March 2010 by Angel Air Music.**

Marshall Law’s sophomore album POWER GAMES was originally released back in 1993. At the time of the release, NWOBHM had been and gone and was making way for the German and American thrash metal that would dominate the metal landscape for the next decade or so. Unfortunately, due to this, the album didn’t sell too many copies worldwide, but did find a strong fan base in Japan where it sold 70,000 copies and landed at number 6 in the national rock charts.
The band’s sound could be described as being quite similar to what JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN where doing at the time, but you can also hear some influence from some American metal bands that where around at the same time.
So, with originality not being one of the bands stronger points, it’s a relief that the songs on the album are so good. This is a great British heavy metal album that if released six or seven years earlier, may have just sent the band into the stratosphere and beyond. Songs like NAKED AGGRESSION and the ballad-esque NO JUSTICE could be looked upon as essential cuts of the genre, and title track POWER GAME will make you feel like it’s 1985 all over again, but in good way.

POWER GAME has become a much sought after but quite hard to find release, but thanks to the folks over at Angel Air Records, the album is now available, fully remastered with a bonus track (the single version of NAKED AGGRESSION) and new booklet with some info on the band and some new rare pictures. The remastering has been done by ROBIN GEORGE, who has written, recorded and produced with some of the biggest names in the U.K rock scene’s history. Whilst not as dynamic as some remastered albums, GEORGE has still done a good job to make POWER GAME sound meatier than it was before, and the snare sound has been improved greatly.

The booklet is very informative, touching a little on the history of the band and also some information on what the members of the band are up to now. There is also a little section in the back of the booklet that has a small sentence about the meaning of each track on the album, that was informative and fun to read
The 2010 re-issue of POWER GAME released by Angel Air Records is a worthy addition to any collection of British heavy metal and worthy of a return visit if you already have the original.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  9/10

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