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Slaves to Fashion – EP

Released by Fishfarm Records – 2009

Review Added November 20, 2009

· Running Time: 13:68
· Musical Style: Rock/Prog/Modern Rock
· Links:

1. Mrs. Hero
2. Left Out In The Cold
3. Out Of Here
4. The Garden(Remix)

*Johannes Støle / vocals, keys
*Torfinn Sirnes / guitars
*John Lind / bass
*Vidar Ingvaldsen / drums

Slaves to Fashion is a melodic hard rock band from Haugesun, Norway who previously went under the moniker of P.O.B (Pedestrians of Blue). We received their new EP recently and while the music is straight up hard rock maybe a little mainstream, it does show promise. The vocalist Johannes Støle has a nice voice that fits the flow of the music well, and along with the keyboard elements adds a nice virtual effect to the songs overall.

The EP consists of the new single “Mrs.Hero“, which is playing on current local radio in their native land as we speak. This particular song has a nice strong vocal intro, which leads way to a cool modern rhythm that will surely attract attention in today’s airways. The sound is best described as neo modern rock, it has some progressive elements but is pretty straight forward and not hard for any fan of rock to get into these days. The track “Out of Here” enters with a creepy almost Dream Theater opening, and here you witness the prog elements with the guitars very well, which add a nice touch of haunting to the music. The other 2 tracks on the EP consist of the same style and pretty straight up rock. As far as we can tell the band certainly has a promising future, they sound different then most modern bands here in the US, and with the progressive elements they can really add to the creativity for their full length album. The lyrics will need some work, but as with any band is something that you build through time.

We thank the guys at Slaves to Fashion for submitting their EP to us and we look forward to listening to their full length album in the future. Good to see bands from Norway breaking into a fold, as we all know how popular the rock and metal genre’s area over this great country. Any fan of rock and most importantly any fan that is willing to give a new sound a look, should check out Slaves to Fashion.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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