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Spin Gallery – Embrace

Released by Frontiers Records– 2009

Review Added December 29, 2009

· Produced By: Tommy Denander
· Running Time: 52.59
· Release Date: December 4
· Released:

· Embrace**
· Stone By Stone
· Just a Momentary Why (feat. Robin Beck)**
· Brilliance of the Drugs
· Eyes Wide Open
· Blood In My Veins**
· You Do The Things You Do (feat. Dan Reed)**
· Indulge
· Without Love**
· Tic Toc**
· Everything Fades
· The End**
Hot Tracks**

Kristoffer Lagerström: Lead & backing vocals
Tommy Denander: Guitars, keyboards, bass & loops
Special guests:
Robin Beck – Lead vocals on ”Just A Momentary Why”
Dan Reed – Lead vocals on ”You Do The Things You Do”
Glen Marks – Live and VR drums + percussion
Marika Willstedt – Cello

A breath of fresh air regurgitated through my speakers when I first spurned the 2nd studio album titled “Embrace”. Perhaps not known to many yet, Spin plays at a mix of melodic rock with some very intriguing progressive rock elements ala Toto and Pink Floyd. Having not heard their debut record “Standing Tall”, the music elements here really stood out, especially the vocal melodies and guitar tones. Spin Gallery is the brainchild of 3 vocalists, Kristoffer Lagerstrom also Christian Antblad and Magnus Weidenmo, and the production duties we’re handled by reknown producer Tommy Denander who incidentally was also involved as bass player, guitarist and keyboard player during the recording process.

A carefully diluted keyboard and bass intro welcomes in the title track “Embrace” which picks up the vibe with the wonderful chorus build up, immediately releasing moments of pure bliss. The track “Just a Momentary Why” features the legendary voice of Robin Beck, which injects a groovy hard rock catacomb of energy which along with some nice guitar work makes the song standout. The psychedelic sounds of “Brilliance of the Drugs” brings back flashes of some old school Pink Floyd bluesy guitars, with again the soothing voice of the Lagerström laying down a blueprint for what is to follow. A momentary lapse of tranquility and subtlety is the key in the smooth acoustic sounds of “Blood in my Veins” which is perhaps the slowest track on the album, but yet powerful in so many ways. Some more groovy vocals add some fire to the “scientific” sounds of “Without Love”, maybe it’s be but Kristoffer Lagerström sounds in places like the great Peter Gabriel, what a weird vibe that I haven’t felt since the 80’s.

I don’t think that I would be going on a limb by saying that “Embrace” is an interesting mix bag of monotonous mood changes and progressive rock melodies. I think the overall style of the record is good but the substance falls short in the end. It seems to me some songs just didn’t grab me completely, the guitar work is excellent, vocals are fine but some some of the compositions seemed out of place. While I welcome the new sound, because even I have to admit that the melodies here are interesting and not prototypical of most melodic rock acts, fans of more intelligent rock and groovy rock should check this one out as it’s most definitely a diverse experience in prog and pop rock.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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