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State of Rock – A Point of Destiny

Released by Metal Heaven – 2010

Review Added February 18, 2010

Released by : Metal Heaven January 29, 2010
Run Time: 46:10
Style: Melodic Rock

1. Black & Blue**
2. Without My Love
3. Heartless Dreamer**
4. Don’t Make Me Cry**
5. Hanging In The Balance
6. Freedom
7. Count Me Out
8. A Point Of Destiny**
9. Friction
10. Somewhere
Hot Tracks**

Vocals – Tony Mills
Guitar – Robbie Bobel
Drums – Rami Ali
Bass – Hutch Bauer

STATE OF ROCK are a new band featuring three members of melodic rockers FRONTLINE with the ever busy front man of SHY, T.N.T and bunch of other stuff TONY MILLS. Unlike a lot of other collaboration efforts, this actually does sound like the sum of it’s parts. Just as the band’s promo material states “75% FRONTLINE and 25% SHY = STATE OF ROCK.”

Maybe the most interesting part about this grouping is the fact that TONY MILLS’ voice still sounds as good as it ever did, and it’s amazing just how well he suits the style and vibe of the album. That’s not to take anything away from main songwriter and guitarist ROBBIE BOBEL, who must surely be classed as one of the best guitarists going around in today’s melodic rock scene. Also unlike a lot of the collaboration efforts in the scene these days, the guys from the band have gone on record to say that A POINT OF DESTINY is not a project release, and STATE OF ROCK are a full blown band that are here to stay. Well, the future will tell on that one, but let all of us melodic rock fans hope that it’s true.

There are so many highlight tracks on this album, and the harder part is actually finding a track that’s not superb. From the pure melodic rock bliss of BLACK & BLUE, HEARTLESS DREAMER and A POINT OF DESTINY, to the amazing grandeur balladry of DON’T MAKE ME CRY and the all out classic rock vibe of FRICTION, every track deserves it’s place on the album and each has the potential to be somebody’s favorite. Fans of either of the bands mentioned above are in for a real treat with this one, and any melodic rock fan worth his salt needs to seek it out immediately. Just be prepared to be amazed at just how inspired and fresh maestro TONY MILLS sounds throughout the entire album.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  9/10

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