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The Murder of My Sweet – Divanity

Released by Frontiers Records – 2010

Review Added January 27, 2010

Review Added: January 27, 2010
Running Time: 53:49
Europe January 29th 2010
USA: February 9, 2010
Music Style: Symphonic Metal
Produced: Daniel Flores

No Evil
Follow The Rain**
Bleed Me Dry**
Chemical Attraction**
Kiss of Death
One Bullet**
Storms of the Sea**
Death of a Movie Star
Hot Tracks**

Angelica Rylin – vocals
Daniel Palmqvist – guitars
Johan Niemann – bass
Andreas Lindahl – keyboards
Daniel Flores – drums

The Murder of My Sweet has certainly gathered plenty of publicity attention from Melodic Rock giants Frontiers Records which is notoriously known for the many superb Melodic Rock and AOR groups, so I was waiting patiently and anxiously for this release, as it dwells into the Symphonic and Gothic metal realms. Of course one of the high points of interests here is the gorgeous leading lady Angelica Rylin, but don’t let the looks fool you, is not all eye candy, as she packs a powerful set of pipes, which is evident on every track. The band was formed by drummer Daniel Flores (Mind’s Eye), who also happens to be the the groups main songwriter and producer. When asked about the type of sound they we’re trying to capture, they “claim to create a distorted film noir”, is clearly feasible that the dark sounds of the symphonic elements not only sound explosive, but provide the listener with a crisp theatrical experience.

After a solid but not eye catching opening track, the bliss of power hits you in the face with “Following The Rain”, while admittedly being influenced by some of the sounds that are popular in the Gothic rock and metal scene today, it still manages to sound innovative and unique. The most accessible track on “Divanity” is perhaps “Bleed Me Dry”, sounding very commercial but catchy as hell, Rylin really shines here, most will dig this one out and keep on playing it in their heads as the haunting melodic chorus will no doubt stick with you. Not to be left too far behind are the wonderful keyboard elements and explosive guitars that help lift each track superbly and more evidence of this fact is on “Chemical Attraction”, which will rival anything that bands like Nightwish have offered in the past, natural blend of speed, symphonic and catchy all in one. The opening keyboard passages in “Tonight” leads way to another high end vocal driven track, as Angelica shines once again, the industrial straight ahead vibe here works very well.

While it won’t break any barriers for originality, as bands like Nightwish, Kamelot and Epica have used this formula before, I was left with the urge for more. Part of what makes the symphonic genre work is the conceptual story telling, and even though I dug the noir dark flavor, there is definitely room for improvement. The strong points will not doubt be the vocals of Rylin, they are exceptional and powerful, and the symphonic element arrangements are performed with precision and tenacity. I wouldn’t see a problem with some of these tracks getting some regular airplay here in the States, since other bands in the genre have grown a pretty good following after all. Any fans of Gothic or Symphonic metal should look into TMOMS, as it will not disappoint.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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