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Wig Wam – Non Stop Rock n Roll

Released by Frontiers Records– 2010

Review Added January 18, 2010

Released: January 29th on Frontiers Records
Running Time: 44:29
Musical Style: Glam Rock / Melodic Rock

1. Do Ya Wanna Taste It**
2. Walls Come Down
3. Wild One
4. C’mon Everybody**
5. Man In the Moon
6. Still I’m Burning
7. All You Wanted
8. Non Stop Rock And Roll**
9. From Here
10. Rocket Through My Heart**
11. Chasing Rainbows
12. Gotta Get It On (bonus track)
Hot Tracks**

Glam (vocals)
Teeny (guitar)
Flash (bass)
Sporty (drums)

Most people involved in the hard rock scene are probably familiar with WIG WAM’S beginnings to an extent. For those that aren’t, the short version is basically that the band gained recognition when they entered into the 2004 Eurovision song contest with the song IN MY DREAMS, which instantly became a hit in their home land of Norway. After that the band have gone from strength to strength in a very short amount of time.

NON STOP ROCK ‘N’ ROLL is WIG WAM’S fourth album and the first to be released on Frontiers Records, and sees the band once again refining their style while still staying true to their original message. The main difference this time around is stronger emphasis on the guitar riffs and a bit less of the cheesy stuff the band is usually known for. Gone is some of the comedic aspects, replaced by some awesome melodic songwriting with tunes so catchy they’ll be stuck in your brain long after the album is finished.

As we all know, an album can only be a strong as the songs allow, and NON STOP ROCK ‘N’ ROLL is full to the brim of catchy, well written, excellently performed and perfectly produced songs that are sure to make your ears smile. The opening track and lead off single DO YA WANNA TASTE IT is probably the finest overall song the band have written and starts the album off in fine form. WALLS COME DOWN has a bit of a harder edge to it and is another great track. WILD ONE has on hell of a catchy chorus and is one I find myself going back to again and again. C’MON EVERYBODY is a song that will definitely be a highlight in the WIG WAM live show, and is a real sing along fist-pumper. MAN IN THE MOON brings things down a bit and is a very nice mellow track. SILL I’M BURNING takes things back up a notch and has a slight modern sound to it without changing the winning WIG WAM formula too much. ALL YOU WANTED motors along nicely without really standing out too much. Title track NON STOP ROCK ‘N’ ROLL is a definite highlight track and will please fans of glam rock greatly. FROM HERE is another slower number, which shows how well lead vocalist GLAM can actually sing and is also very strong lyrically. ROCKET THROUGH MY HEART is a late highlight and one of my favorite songs of the year so far. CHASING RAINBOWS is closer to WIG WAM’S earlier sound and is a very fun song. The album closes with GOTTA GET IT ON, which is one my least favorite songs of the album, but isn’t a bad song in any sense.

NON STOP ROCK ‘N’ ROLL is a more mature, better written and more concise album from a band that were already well regarded and respected. If you like hard rock with a glam metal tinge, this album is an essential purchase and will be a treasure in your collection. Fans of the band will not be disappointed and will lap every bit of this one up for sure. An early contender for album of the year for sure.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  10/10

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