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Worlds Apart – Clean Slate

Released by Perris Records – 2010

Review Added February 28, 2010

Released By: Perris Records January 12th, 2010
Run Time: 36:06
Style: Melodic Hard Rock

1. Heaven Sent**
2. All Your Lovin
3. The Light**
4. We Can’t Go On**
5. Two 4 Nothin**
6. Fight Hard**
7. Hard Times
8. Body Double
9. Center Stage**
Hot Tracks**

Vocals – Jay Davids
Guitar – Rich Cedillo
Drums – Gary Silva
Bass – JAS

World’s Apart has been around recording and performing surprisingly since the early 90’s and have delivered some strong material in the past. The San Francisco Bay are rockers are no strangers to the limelight, they have had the privilege to support many national acts such as Dokken, Y&T, Night Ranger, and Firehouse to name a few. Now as part of the top selling artists on their record label Perris Records, the guys return with their 4th CD name “Clean Slate”.

The original lineup reunited completely for this release and has never sounded any better then now. The strong opener “Heaven Sent” not to be confused with the Dokken classic, marks the band clean staple melodic hard rock sound right of the gitgo and opens the door to some some sweet high choruses and complemented seamlessly with some sweet guitar melodies. The consequently rapid fire chorus of “The Light” continues the highlights of “Clean Slate” as does the arena rocker “We Can’t Go On”, with a display of vocal prowess from Davids and company on the backup offering, along with a swiftly tight guitar solo. We must point out that while some might want to argue against the sound of Worlds Apart, we have to commend the fact that the sound is still classic later 80’s early 90’s melodic hard rock and infused with a nice modern tough, albeit minor, still adds a nice layer of growth to the record.

A quick note on Perris Records, as with a few other Hard Rock labels around, the President of the label Tom Mathers does a great job working with so many great bands from the past, whether is re-releases or reunions, the sound being able to be reproduced again after the glory days is to be dully noted, and the production is solid as ever. Do yourself a favor as we review more Perris material in the future, go out and check them out as they have a big database of killer lineups that is bound to please all you hungry feeder melodic rockers out there. Highly recommended as above mentioned. Spread the word and wipe the slate clean!!!.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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