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Auras – New Generation

Released by Frontiers Records– 2010

Review Added March 28, 2010

Released by: Frontiers Records 19th MARCH 2010
Run Time: 54:57
Style: AOR

1. Beauty Of Dreams
2. Forgive And Forget
3. Never Give Up
4. In My Arms
5. Reach Out
6 New Generation
7. Forever In Your Eyes
8. Hungry Hearts
9. That’s The Way Love Goes
10. Keep On Loving You
11. Out Of Love
12. Love To Survive
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Vocals – Gui Oliver
Guitar – Ferpa Lacerda
Guitar – Matheus Brandon
Drums – Edu Sallum
Bass – Hemerson Vieira

Brazil surely isn’t the first place that comes to mind when talking about pure AOR bands, heck it may well be the LAST place you think about. Well, prepare to be shocked! The new AOR band AURAS are from Brazil and damn proud of it.

The sound they have created is pure early eighties AOR music that brings back vivid memories of bands like JOURNEY, SURVIVOR, FOREIGNER and TOTO just to name a few. I would personally compare the band closer to JOURNEY though, mainly because the album is biased more toward the ballad aspect of things and also the vocalist GIU OLIVER has an uncanny knack of sounding very similar to the legend that is STEVE PERRY when he wants to. In fact, I would say his voice is an even combination of PERRY and the latest JOURNEY singer ARNEL PINEDA. As you may suspect, this makes a fair amount of the tracks on the new album NEW GENERATION sound as though they could be out-takes of ESCAPE / FRONTIERS era JOURNEY.

The songwriting on the album is excellent and it evident that each of the guys that form the band are very passionate about their chosen genre regardless of the fact that they may just be the only five people in the whole of Brazil that like this style of music. As usual Frontiers records has ensured that the production on the album is world class, which really helps make this album feel at least equal to those of their peers.

Opening track BEAUTY OF DREAMS is the first song the band will push as a single, and it’s clear why, because the song instantly transports you back to the day when this music was on every radio and television station. FORGIVE AND FORGET is an early highlight and is so close to JOURNEY that you’ll swear it must be a cover song. IN MY ARMS is a great brooding ballad that is one of the best of the year so far. FOREVER IN YOUR EYES features one of the catchiest choruses you’re likely to hear all year. HUNGRY HEARTS is another favorite of mine which is still in the typical AOR style, but features a bit of heavier guitar sound than you would usually hear in this style of music. OUT OF LOVE is a great late highlight that features an amazing vocal track that sounds so much like ARNEL PINEDA that it’s creepy.

NEW GENERATION is a great addition to the AOR genre and one of the better pure AOR albums you’re likely to hear all year. If you’re a fan of JOURNEY, FOREIGNER, SURVIVOR or TOTO, or a fan of FRONTIERS RECORDS releases in general this is an essential purchase and worth every penny.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  8/10

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