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Crazy Lixx – New Religion

Released by Frontiers Records – 2010

Review Added April 09, 2010

Released by: Frontiers Records MARCH 19th 2010
Run Time: 44:42
Style: Melodic Rock/Glam Rock
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1. Rock And A Hard Place
2. My Medicine
3. 21 ‘Til I Die
4. Blame It On Love
5. Road To Babylon
6. Children Of The Cross
7. The Witching Hour
8. Lock up Your Daughter
9. She’s Mine
10. What Of Our Love
11. Desert Bloom
12. Voodoo Woman
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Vocals – Danny Rexon
Guitar – Andy Dawson
Drums – Joey Sirera
Bass – Luke Rivano

When the promo for NEW RELIGION came across my desk, I recognized the band’s name CRAZY LIXX, I could remember that they released their debut album in 2007, I could remember what the cover looked like, I could remember that I liked it, but I couldn’t’t for the life of me remember any of the songs. That is until I grabbed the debut album LOUD MINORITY off my shelf and put it in the player. Then it all came rushing back to me and the disk didn’t leave the player for the next two days. Enter 2010, and CRAZY LIXX are back with their sophomore release NEW RELIGION, and I must say, as much as I enjoyed the first album this new one blows it out of the water.

The style of the album is from the sleazier side of melodic rock bands and throughout the album’s twelve tracks I was reminded of SKID ROW, DANGER DANGER, MOTLEY CRUE, DEF LEPPARD and a few others. Actually, speaking of DEF LEPPARD, the gang vocal choruses that JOE ELLIOT and co are so well known for are replicated perfectly on this new CRAZY LIXX album, with just about every song having a chorus that sounds larger than life. I think this fact was one of the main things that appealed to me about the album as we really don’t get a lot of bands these day that feature the huge gang vocal thing.
Vocalist DANNY REXON is surely one of the best melodic rock singers of the new generation with a voice that is a great mix of SEBASTIAN BACH, BRETT MICHAELS and MICHAEL BORMANN. Guitarist ANDY DAWSON is a new addition to the band, replacing VIC ZINO who left to join HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and debuts here with an awesome performance riff-wise and solo-wise.

Song wise, there isn’t a dud track in site, well maybe except for the 45 second instrumental ditty DESERT BLOOM which seems really unnecessary and I wish it was replaced with another full song from the album’s studio sessions. Aside from that small blemish though, the rest of album is all killer no filler and features a couple of real stand-out songs that will feature in my favorites of the year for sure. ROCK IN A HARD PLACE is an awesome opening track that will get you pumped up for what’s to come. MY MEDICINE (R.O.C.K) is a song that manages to incorporate so many of the main aspects of this genre, from the intro/verse riff that sounds like DANGER DANGER, the crazy chorus that is straight from the DEF LEPPARD playbook and a perfectly written lyric about R.O.C.K. 21 ‘TILL I DIE is a very SKID ROW sounding song that is reminiscent of the forever young mentality of the hard rock genre. The album’s big ballad WHAT OF OUR LOVE borrows strongly from the BON JOVI songs I WANT YOU, which was one of the better album tracks from the KEEP THE FAITH album, but is still a great song in its own right. CHILDREN OF THE CROSS is a great song with a very strong lyric that reminds me of some of WHITE LION’S best moments.

All in all, NEW RELIGION is a better album than the debut and beats it in every aspect hands down. This will surely be one of the genuine highlight melodic rock albums of 2010 and anyone into the genre needs to instantly stop reading this review and go and buy a copy. Very highly recommended!!

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  10/10

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