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DesDemon – The Awakening (EP)

Review Added March 19, 2010

Running Time: 36:31
Genre: Symphonic/Metal

1. The Aquiescence of Illusion**
2. A Soul in Exile**
3. Iago
4. The Burning Martyr
5. In the Absence of Light**
Hot Tracks**

· Mistress Tina – Vocals
· Lord Metadox – Guitar
· Dan Rhodus – Drums
· Ron Porcelli – Bass
· Nick Gati – Keys

We are always please to discover new bands via demo tracks and ep’s, hence we welcome this time the sample EP from Desdemon, a New York city based group with a blend of different styles ranging from thrash metal to dark and progressive to gothic. Interesting that we feature here the strong metal vocals of Mistress Tina, lead front lady for the band. As we all know the symphonic metal genre has quite a few front ladies, and the usual trend there is the operatic and theatrical vocals of each of them, but this time Desdemon and it’s captivating vocalist pack a powerful punch. The guitar duties are handled by Lord Metadox, if the name didn’t catch your eye, well maybe the guitar playing will, as its outstanding trash style riffs with a thick rhythm that moves vigorously throughout the album. Added plus is the experience factor, as the band has had the pleasure to share the stage in the past with acts such as: Nightwish, Epica, Kamelot, Dragonforce, Symphony X, and Halford to name a few.

The choruses in “Aquiescene of Illusion” by Mistress Tina is definitely addictive, as it adds a powerful layer of old school metal with a refinement of thrash written all over it. The quintessential Gothic metal track “A Soul in Exile” excels with a standout keyboard job by newcomer and special guest Nicholas Main Henriksen from the band Aspera. The doomy and black intro to “Iago” borrows influences from classic doom and black metal using a cross breed of clean and growl vocals with some more heavy thrash laden rythms and some tight solo action.

Desdemon should most certainly receive your undivided attention with this EP, the deep and strong vocals of Mistress Tina will appeal to most heavy metal, progressive or symphonic metal fans and the speed style riff-fest of Lord Metadox will remind some of some classic “Crimson Glory” material infused with traditional power metal roots. The band is hard working in the studio on their full length record and I for once will look forward to the final outcome, as the future does look promising. Once again stop by the bands site and visit and give some support for this talented up and coming new rising star in the scene.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys 8/10

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