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Free Spirit – Pale Sister of Light

Released by Carpel Music Oy – 2009

Review Added April 09, 2010

Released by Carpel Music Oy on February 04, 2009
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Running Time: 46:34

1. Shadow of a Man
2. Moonlight Ride**
3. Pale Sister of Light**
4. Heroes Don’t Cry
5. Radiant Light**
6. Cry of an Eagle**
7. Easy Days**
8. Strangers
9. Until the Night
10. Far Away from Heaven
11. Preacher Man
Hot Tracks**

Sami Alho – Vocals
Vesa Yli-Maenpaa – Guitar
Marko Haapamaki – Guitar
Sami Hammalainen – Bass
Pasi Koivumaki – Drums
Timo Alho – Keyboard

The country of Finland seem to have made the jump into the melodic rock pit hole quite strongly in the last few years. Some examples of this are of course Brother Firetribe, Firenote and now Free Spirit with their unique guitar arrangements and catchy hooks and riffs. As we try to catch up on some key releases over the past few years, we can’t forget the impact that “Pale Sister of Light” had for this native Finnish band as it helped them gain an army of loyal fans worldwide and consequently now the band is focusing on a new record to follow the success of Pale Sister. But for now we re cap the gems inside this piece of work.

Out of the gate you notice a softer tone in the vocals of Sami Alho lead vocals, you might expect that power metal style riff-age that some many bands from their native country are known for, but they go for quality and melody without loosing an inch of catchiness. “Moonlight Ride” is a good example of what the band does best, a more laid back intro opens way for Alho and company to digress back to a distinct sound that makes the listening experience worthwhile. I can’t help but think that the title track can be played proud and loud on a retro 80’s soundtrack to any movie, it has kinda of an 80’s Billy Idol vibe going on, works very well. The recurrent theme in the songs is going to be the folk story telling feel to Alho’s voice which makes the track “Heroes Don’t Cry” a beauty to behold. Check the perfectly executed rhythm and bass delivery on “Cry of an Eagle”, with it’s mid tempo shift and flashy guitars excels midway through. I could probably go on and on here but why spoil a perfectly well played record? There is enough material here and consistency to keep the avid melodic rock listener hooked and plenty to dig into as Free Spirit manages to inject their own sound and run away with it.

If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet either live or via their record, I suggest you go out and do that, this band will no doubt keep on rising through many rock circles and hopefully breaking through further into stardom after the anxiously awaited new record they are currently working on is released. If your style is_____ well you fill in the blank there because is hard to describe their style into a word, maybe a folk/melodic hard rock straight from their roots which is so enrich in storytelling and tales. I would suggest any fan of melodic rock to check this one as there is nothing that may deterred Free Spirit from future success.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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