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Hard – Time is Waiting for No One

Released by Escape Music – 2010

Review Added March 29, 2010

Release Date: 19, Febuary 2010
Label: Escape Music
Style: Hard Rock

1. Nona
2. Time Is Waiting For No One**
3. Shine On Me Now
4. The Pace And The Flow
5. 4-Leaf Clover
6. Magical Pretence
7. Black Clouds**
8. Lonesome Loneliness**
9. Into The Fire**
10. My Kind Of Woman
11. Love Goes With Anything**
Hot Tracks**

Björn Lodin – Vocals & Guitars
Balázs Hornyák – Drums
Gábor Mirkovics – Bass
Zsolt Csillik – Guitars
Zsolt Vamos – Guitars

Swedish and Hungarian rockers HARD formed in Hungary in 2004 and released two albums that where critically acclaimed in their home country, but failed to do anything worldwide because of the lyrics being sung in their native tongue.
The guys in the band decided that they wanted to try and gain some recognition away from their home country, so in 2008 they released their debut English language album “TRAVELER“. The album went down quite well within melodic rock and AOR circles and did see the band’s success flourish.Enter 2010, HARD have a new album “TIME IS WAITING FOR NO ONE” and it really is a treat.

There has been a bit of a line-up change for the new album, mainly regarding new vocalist Bjorn Lodin who is probably better known as long time frontman and founding member of melodic rockers BALTIMOORE. Bjorn’s contribution has given the overall sound a bit of a harder edge with his vocal style being a cross between GREAT WHITE’S Jack Russel and DIRTY LOOKS’ Henrik Ostergaard. Some may see this as a downer as ex-vocalist Zoltán Bátky gathered a fair following because of his uncanny knack to do the whole DAVID COVERDALE soundalike thing quite well. Those people shouldn’t fear though, as the vocals on this album are very well suited to the overall style and vibe of the album.

Title track TIME IS WAITING FOR NO ONE is a great, thundering hard rocker of a track that just begs to be turned up loud. LONESOME LONELINESS is a definite highlight, and has a slight sleaze groove to it. LOVE GOES WITH ANYTHING is a ballad with an interesting undertone that draws you in. There is quite a few other great tracks on this album, but unfortunately it is hard for me to comment on them as the promo copy I received had the track numbers and titles all mixed up and I’m having trouble matching some of them up, but rest assured out of the eleven tracks, at least eight of them are worthy of multiple spins, with only one or two tracks than didn’t do much for me.

The overall sound that HARD have created on this album actually comes out as quite different from their previous material, because of this fans of the last release are advised to seek out some samples first. If you like hard rockin’ music that’s a bit different from the norm, there is plenty of meat to sink your teeth into on TIME IS WAITING FOR NO ONE. A surprisingly pleasant change of pace, and plenty of class to be found within.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  8/10

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