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Lena’s Baedream – Memo Love Chronicles

Released by Zeta Factory- 2010

Review Added April 09, 2010

Released by: Zeta Factory on April 9th, 2010
Run Time: 39:47
Style: Modern Hard Rock

1. Chewin’ Razorblades**
2. Equal To 0
3. Missing**
4. Lover
5. Message To Jolene**
6. Dawn (I Learn)
7. Attitude To Cry
8. You Got Pills, I Got Speed
9. Wormhole+
10. D.
11. Overture
Hot Tracks**

Christian Ferrari – Vocals
Nicola Briganti – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Gabriele Anversa – Drums and Percussions
Carlo Alberto Morini – Rhythm Guitar
Jacopo Montali – Bass

Lenas Baedream’s roots started in Parma , Italy in 2003 an idea originating from Nicola Briganti (lead guitar and backing vocals). The nature of it’s sound is influenced from modern 90’s modern hard rock. In 2008 the bands EP debut “Self- attack and all the following facts” was realized and then topped by the winning of Rock Targato Italia 20th edition, a popular music contest in their native country, the band later engaged in a long tour season all over Italy. The band’s full length album came to fruition soon after the end of the tour, and later they joined forces with Zeta Factory for their release.

A razor sharp grind kick starts the opener “Chewin’ Razorblades” as the bands alternative metal sound is evident, hints here at bands like Incubus or Kyuss. Many will think it’s odd, and it is, but the cover of Everything But the Girl’s international dance hit, “Missing” comes up as a kick ass rocking cover, it just works somehow. The change of rhythm in “Message to Jolene” maintains the listener in and sounds mildly interesting, the drums here are particular well played credit goes to Lenas drummer Gabriele Anversa as he provides the band with some tight beats. An electronic distortion element adds an interesting industrial feel to the track “Attitude To Cry” and kicks it with a cool solo making this track a strong point on the record.

Creating a musical crossbreed of sub alternative hard rock sounds is this package from Lenas Baedream. The good and bad, well the music is well played, some interesting sounds are indeed created, but nothing that will blow your mind. The band is still young and will surely look to find it’s own sound on other records in the future, for now is a good starting point for them. The US alternative sounds are indeed a reflection of some of the bands we mentioned before and the fact the record was mastered at Marcussen Studios in Los Angeles is clearly present. Nothing better then to take the show on the road as the band will indeed fill a busy touring season and will indeed garner more musical ideas for their next musical adventure.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  6/10

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