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Mattsson -Tango

Released by Lion Music- 2010

Review Added April 09, 2010

Released by Lion Music on March 19, 2010
Genre: Progresssive Metal
Length: 65:52

1. Never Stand Down
2. Believe**
3. Tango
4. The Grand Escape**
5. I’ll Find Another Way**
6. Shadows**
7. The Scream of My Soul
8. The Fire is Burning**
9. Chain Me
10. Tour De Force
11. Slave to the Road**
Hot Tracks**

Lars Eric Mattsson – Guitars, Bass and Keyboards
Adrienn Antal – Lead and backing vocals
Markku Kuikka – Lead and backing vocals
Eddie Sledgehammer – Drums
The Astral Orchestra – Strings and Woodwinds

One of the heavyweights of Melodic Progressive Metal is the group Mattsson formed by guitar/composer Lars Eric Mattsson. Now going on they’re 5th studio album and this time they submit a collaboration with vocalist Adrienn Antal who first paired up in 2008’s “Dreamchild“. Tango clocks in close to 67 minutes of epic progressive metal and tempo shifts instrumentation at it’s best. I was a little cautious with this release, afraid that style might take over substance, but the recods ends up being more easier to digest then originally expected.

Immediately what comes to mind when the track “Believe” starts playing is how much more accessible it is as opposed to previous works from Mattsson. You add the vocals of Antal to the mix and the sound becomes more addictive. Clocking in over 10 minutes is the epic “The Grand Escape”, Mattsson has said that he considers this composition his best recording so far, composed of multi songs all mixed into one, and with various rhythm and shift patterns it holds up as one of the strongest on “Tango”. Lars lends a hand from Status Minor vocalist Markku Kuikka who with a slight sinister style in vocal delivery works wonders for tracks like “Shadows” and “The Fire is Burning” and the bluesy jam “Slave to the Road” will bring it to the roots just for kicks.

Tango comes off surprisingly strong throughout it’s duration given the material tackled by Mattsson. The addition of Kuikka adds a nice darker vibe to the songs as oppossed to the more laid back approach from Antal. Also it must be noted that the instrumentation while undoubtedly progressive and symphonic, does not at all come off as pure wankery, it is very well balanced and accessible. Any fans of progressive metal should approach this one and check it out. Strong musicianship and a balance potion of progressive neoclassical influences pushes “Tango” to a respectable level.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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