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Picture – Old Dogs New Tricks

Released by Marsmountains Records- 2009

Review Added April 09, 2010

Release Date: October 01. 2009
Running Time:
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Links: http://myspacem/pictureholland

1. Old Dogs New Tricks
2. Blood Out of a Stone
3. High on Fire
4. Live by the Sword**
5. Now it’s Too Late**
6. Just Incredible
7. Who Can You Trust
8. Opposites Attract
9. Choosing your Sign**
10. A Better Soul**
11. Celtic Cross
12. Never in a Million Years
Hot Tracks**

Pete Lovell – vocals
Rinus Vreugdenhill – bass
Rob van Enkhuizen – guitars
Peter Bourbon – guitars
Laurens Bakker – drums

Picture this!!! Holland and the first Dutch metal band, is the image that first comes to mind. If youre not familiar with Picture, they we’re the very first Dutch hard rock band with a “record deal”. They went on to record 7 albums and toured extensively through Europe with the likes of AC/DC, Saxon, Ted Nugent to name a few. They return 30 years later with “Old Dogs New Tricks” and trying to show a new sound but not forgetting their trademark sound.

The raspy voice of Pete Lovell the longtime vocalist for the band shows it’s trait on the track “Blood Out of a Stone”, with a nice crisp solo to spice things up. An interesting boogie down rhythm section joins the action on “High on Fire” where the drums provide a nice kick, and generally sounding a little like Jane’s Addiction of old. The guitars take flight on the churning sound of “Live by the Sword” with a cool trade off between the dual guitars. A powerful ballad hits your ears when “Now It’s Too Late” starts, pretty amazing ballad actually the smooth vocals here of Lovell adds a nice flow, along with the acoustic feel in the backdrop. Made me wish for more ballads like these, which is a good thing because they excel on this one. The straight up thrash energy of “Who Can You Trust” screams old school metal for all to hear, the fastest and hardest song on the record stand out on its own.

Is always interesting to receive material from bands that on their comeback quest, it never ceases to amaze me how such groups like Picture can still stay in fine form and have something to offer the world some near 30 years later, this is why the passion for the music could never be underestimated. For fans of Picture I recommend this record, nothing completely epic or groundbreaking but solid performance of old school metal with a flash of modern post grunge with the guitar playing leading the way.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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