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Sedona – Golden Valley

Released by Avenue of Allies – 2010

Review Added March 29, 2010

Released by: Avenue of Allies, March 26, 2010
Style: WestCoast AOR

1. Magic Dream
2. Surfing State Of Mind**
3. Golden Valley**
4. California Ballad
5. Sweet Wave Of Sunset**
6. Laguna
7. Rock Board
8. Southern California Dream Space**
9. You Choose Fanatic
10. The Story**
11. Tessalia
12. Sedona
Hot Tracks**

Guitars/Vocals – Patrick Leotard
Vocals – Anthony Dura
Guitars – Mao Blanc
Keyboard – Laurent Darmon
Drums – Stephane Larribat
Bass – Jack Andouar

When you think of WestCoast AOR the first country you think of is not France is it? As it turns out it has enjoyed great popularity there, which is the native country of Sedona. Main musical influences here are Toto, the Little River Band, Dakota,Boulevard and Nielsen / Pearson to name a few. The members of the band are all accomplished instrumentalists who know how to induce that smooth soft laid back west coast sound that this genre has always been so renowned for.

A cool breeze feeling comes your way when “Surfing State of Mind” hits the air, displaying that staple west coast groove. The title track has bluesy southern feel, with a hint of Mark Knopfler from the Dire Straits days. An uplifting ballad pulsates it’s vibrant energy in “Sweet Wave Sunset” with a golden spark all the way through, you add the nice vocals of Anthony Dura. These skilled instrumentalists play a beautiful instrumental piece in “Laguna” with pure precision and ease. The same formula applies here to tracks like “You Choose Fanatic” and “The Story”,which omit a laid back approach often emphasized in this common AOR style.

Sedona does a stellar job in following in the footsteps of West Coast greats AOR, the super project led by Frederick Slama just to name one. There is no doubt the influences are all there, we mentioned them before, and the thick accent in some places seems out of spot, but really is nothing big to point out, in fact the overall album is very good, the guys do a great job handling the instruments and the necessary smooth laid back approach works as a clear transition into the genre. If surfing the bay side on a cool Saturday morning is your thing, then maybe you would like to crank this one up because the boys of Sedona drop a monster of a wave.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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