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Steve Hackett – Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth (Special Edition)

Released by Inside/Out Music – 2010

Review Added March 28, 2010

14 Releases with Genesis (1970-77)
2 Releases with GTR (1986-87)
22 Solo Releases (1970-present)
12 Live albums

Released – April 30, 2010
Running Time: 46:00
Musical Style: Progressive Rock

1. Fire on the Moon**
2. Nomads**
3. Emerald and Ash
4. Tubehead
5. Sleepers**
6. Ghost in the Glass
7. Still Waters
8. Last Train to Istanbul
Hot Tracks**

* Steve Hackett – vocals, guitars, lyrics
* Nick Beggs – Bass guitar, Chapman stick
* Dick Driver – Double bass
* Roger King – keyboards, programming
* Ferenc Kovacs – violin
* Amanda Lehmann – vocals
* Jo Lehmann – vocals
* Anthony Phillips – 12 string guitar
* Chris Squire – bass guitar
* Christine Townsend – violin, viola
* Rob Townsend – soprano sax
* John Hackett – flute
* Laura King – vocals

Being versatile in the music business is something that is missing from may acts now a days, ad perhaps is not a skill but a talent that one develops through years of practice. Case and point is Mr Steve Hackett, the amazing former axeman for Genesis, Hackett was part of the classic lineup that compile Gabriel, Collins, Banks and Rutherford and was part of such classics as “Selling England By The Pound“. He’s versatility borrows examples from different genres such as Jazz, World Music and Blues, and along with his excellent guitar playing, Steve returns to the scene with his new record “Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth“. The record manages to utilize his many influences and excellent guitar work, along with his ever dynamic smooth vocals to create a very subtle atmospheric progressive new world music experiment. Having had a highly stellar and decorated career I was interested to listen to my third experience with some of his solo work.

As much as Genesis music influence so many progressive rock acts today, Hackett’s eclectic sound will please many fans of old Genesis as well as some of his followers that enjoyed such records as “Darktown” and “Wild Orchids“. Taking a close look at the album, we open things up with the haunting howl scream of the opener “Fire On The Moon”, quickly the subtlety breaks way for a stronger chorus laden wonder, a super strong opening track and one of the best on the album, we have to note the wonderful guitar playing, the melodic almost “comfortably numb” like feeling is beautifully captivating. A classy Spanish acoustic guitar touch dominates “Nomads” when leading to a myriad of percussions and new world sounds quickly adding Steve’s again killer guitar sounds to close the track in fine fashion. “Sleepers’ has a unique transcendent sound and has Hackett going completely out of the song before returning back into full form to take full control, amazing feat only few artists can possess and still keep the listener’s attention. If you love acoustic guitars the track “Ghost In The Glass” with it’s monotonous groove will ease your mind.

Strong compositions and skillful all around musicianship from guitars all the way down to the flute and violins gives this new Steve Hackkett project a strong overall punch and one which will give many of his fans and prog rock fanatics all around much to rave about, but do be aware the style here is not for everybody, as the eclectic and atmospheric sounds will turn some off. As a side note the special edition includes a 2 CD DigiPack (including 5 live and 1 studio bonus track). By the way if you didn’t know, now you know Genesis just got inducted this March into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and rightfully deserved, what took so long?

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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