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Tardive Dyskinesia – The Sea of See Through Skins

Released by Coroner Records – 2009

Review Added April 09, 2010

Released by: Coroner Records OUT NOW!!
Run Time: 47:33
Style: Math Death Core

1. Triggering The Fear Reactor**
2. Complicity
3. Downfall
4. Dog
5. The Sea Of See Through Skins**
6. Brains Trust**
7. Ask E Sea**
8. Reverse Arms
9. Tinge Of Irony
Hot Tracks**

Vocals & Guitar – Manthos Stergiou
Guitar – Petros Nikiforakis
Drums – Edu Stavros Rigos
Bass – Kornilios Kiriakidis

According to the all-knowing wikipedia, the term TARDIVE DYSKINESIA refers to a medical condition where people suffer potentially fatal and incurable, involuntary movements of the limbs that is caused by an overuse of psychotropic medication and dopamine.
And you know what, this is a great name for the band as it really does sum of the way one feels when listening to their new album THE SEA OF SEE THROUGH SKINS. The band themselves have categorized this album as MATH DEATH CORE. What that means to those of you not in the know as far as the multitude of sub-genres of metal these days, is that the band sounds a hell of a lot like contemporaries MESHUGGA.

From the opening track all the way through to the final note, this album will not let you relax for a second, with all of the different shades and textures that are strewn throughout each song, you will need to listen closely or you will lose track and fall off the wagon. So basically, this album is not suitable for background tunes or sitting around with a bunch of friends, no, this album is very demanding of your attention and is better listened to in the dark, through the headphones with no other distractions. Listening to the album this way makes it feel like a voyage into some weird place where chaos and disorder reign supreme.
Opening track TRIGGERING THE FEAR REACTOR is a math metal lover’s delight and if you enjoy this song, the rest of the album is sure to please. I also greatly enjoyed ASK E SEA, I have no idea what it’s all about, but the droning, palm-muted riffs that carry the song got stuck in my head in a machine-like fashion.

If you are fan of bands like MESHUGGA, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD or TEXTURES you will definitely enjoy this album, if you’re a casual listener that is curious about math metal, THE SEA OF SEE THROUGH SKIN (awesome album title by the way!) will give you a better understanding of the genre. Recommended.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  8/10

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