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The Fallen Within – Intoxicated

Released by Coroner Records – 2009

Review Added April 09, 2010

Released by: Coroner Records OUT NOW!!
Run Time: 40:15
Style: Modern MeloDeath

1. My Vanity
2. Sound Of Destruction
3. Pain Right Under
4. I Am Hate
5. Extinction
6. Endless Reality
7. Intoxicated
8. Last Breath
9. Great Fall
10. Timeworn
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Vocals – Steve Al
Guitar – Gio S
Guitar – Billy
Drums – Nick G
Bass – Johan
Synths – Steve More

Greece seems to be a bit of a hotbed for modern melodic death core bands lately, and the latest group to join the flock is six-piece act THE FALLEN WITHIN. Like most of their peers, the sound the band are going for is a fusion of the new day American metalcore sound and the ever booming Scandinavian metal sound. The band have actually been together since 2003, but constant line-up changes and other obligations have prevented them from releasing their debut up until now.

Even though the band describe themselves as MODERN MELODEATH, there isn’t a whole lot on this album that represents the DEATH side of things, it’s very aggressive in places and there are a few growly moments, but the album as a whole is based much more in the melodic side of things with some intricate time changes here and there that helps THE FALLEN WITHIN define their own sound in a genre that is getting more crowded every week.

Of special note is Synth player STEVE MORE, who manages to use the instrument in interesting ways that really stand out as the focal point in a majority of the songs, none more so than the minute long closing instrumental TIMEWORN. If you’re looking for the heavier side of the album, you need to skip to EXTINCTION which is very close to the sound IN FLAMES produced on their first album, title track INTOXICATED also has the edge you may need.

THE FALLEN WITHIN are a genuine talent in a field so full of imitators and they should gain a much wider recognition from this new album. If you’re a fan of the modern melodeath sound, give these guys your full attention, because they still have all the elements that have made the style so popular, but also aren’t afraid to tone it down a bit here and there for the sake of more colorful songs.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  8/10

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