Interview with: Flo Laurin (Sinbreed) (Guitarist)

Interview by Zeezee, posted on 03/11/2010

Interview with: Flo Laurin (Sinbreed) (Guitarist)

Myglobalmind: Hi Flo, firstly i would like to take a minute to thank you from all of thestaff and readers of myglobalmind webzine for answering a few questions for us, and also to congratulate you on signing with Ulterium Records.
I must say the new album WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE blew me away, have you been happy with the feedback you’ve gotten so far?

Flo: It’s great to hear that, thank you. Yes indeed, reviews are coming in every week now, and all feedback is positive both press and fans. It feels good to actually receive comments since it took so long to finally get the album out.

Myglobalmind: For some of the readers that are new to SINBREED, could you tell us a bit about how the band came to be in it’s current form.

Flo: I started Sinbreed back 10 years in time after I saw Herbie with his Band Seventh Avenue playing a festival. It was clear to me that i wanted to work with Herbie since I fell in love with his voice right away (not with him personally hahaha). It took me some time to prepare songs which i could then send to Herbie with the concern, that i want him to sing and he joined right away. In searching for a Drummer who had the technical abilities to play the things i was thinking of it was soon clear that i wanted to contact Frederik, since he was well known for his playing skills in the local scene of my hometown. That he became the Drummer of BlindGuardian, in meaning of point-in-time, was a coincidence. Since i knew Alex for years, it was more than likely that i wanted him to join, too.

Myglobalmind: So, what has it been like to work with Seventh Avenue’s Herbie Langhans, he seems like the perfect fit for the sound you were going for on the album.

Flo: Very right. Like I mentioned before, I had his Voice in mind while I was
composing the songs. You know with Herbie there is always a certain amount
of heaviness to hear, even in the high regions. Working with him was very
cool since he is very professional and always well prepared so that we
made good progress every time we worked together.

Myglobalmind: With so many power metal bands around these days, what does SINBREED do to stand out from the pack?

Flo: I believe the key in understanding what we are doing in Sinbreed is that
we slightly separate us from most melodic power metal bands, which
especially many of my German colleagues are known for. In Sinbreed you
sure will find catchy melodies, hymns to sing along and a touch of
keyboards – but always performed with a great amount of heaviness and a
aggressive, prevailing mood.

Myglobalmind: With each member of the group having commitments in other bands, how hard was it to find the time to all get together and record the album?

Flo: Actually this was not a big deal. It’s obvious that the “main bands” of
Herbie and Frederik have priority, but I did plan everything with well
calculated timeframes, and luckily it turned out all good without delay.

Myglobalmind: There’s quite a few high profile guest stars on the new album, care to tell us a bit about how that came to be?

Flo: Firstly I have to mention that it was not my intention to have just “big”
names on the record. It was more that I wanted to have people that I do
respect. Heaven’s Gate’s Livin’ in Histeria was one of my first records
and Thomas Rettke still is a killer. Sure it helped that he already was in
touch with Herbie, but to have him sing on When Worlds Collide is awesome!
Same goes for all other guests on WWC who did a great job!

Myglobalmind: Have you guys been doing many live shows, and is there any plans in action to tour overseas anywhere?

Flo: We did play some smaller shows to warm up, along with a Festival show last
year, and it felt GREAT! Sure, coming shows are in the make and we are
really looking forward to it.

Myglobalmind: Flo, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this review, i would like to wish you and the rest of SINBREED the best of luck
in all your future endeavors. Before we finish is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

Flo: Thanks for your questions which were fun to answer. Thanks goes out to all
the readers at Myglobalmind. Make sure to check out When Worlds Collide
which will reanimate the metalhead in you for sure!

Please visit: and listen to the music.
Myglobalmind Webzine Review for Sinbreed – When Worlds Collide.

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