Interview with: Gary Silva (Worlds Apart) (Drummer)

Interview by Denys, posted on 04/13/2010

Interview with: Gary Silva (Worlds Apart) (Drummer)

Myglobalmind: First and foremost guys we would like to congratulate you on the new record “Clean Slate”, your 4th album. How has the record been received by fans of the genre so far?

Gary: I personally have received positive feedback from friends and fans alike

Myglobalmind: For some of our readers not familiar with your sound or the band, can you explain in detail a little more about the band, how the band was created and your sound?

Gary: Worlds Apart was an evolution of talent, vision, and creativity culminating in the “Final Four” who shared the same drive & commitment with the chops to back it up. Once the final version of the group was set, the writing came in waves and was effortless. Worlds Apart wrote all of the songs as a group, in the rehearsal studio, and played chords, notes, and bars of music back and forth until the songs you are listening to were created.

Myglobalmind: The band has been performing since the early 90’s, privilege to have toured with such bands as Dokken, Y&T, and Night Ranger to name a few. How was that experience? And what did you guys learn from veterans of the scene like those bands?

Gary: To say that performing with such talent would be an understatement, something learned from these groups is consistency, night after night.

Myglobalmind: Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area, I was interested in the dynamic to form this type of band, what I mean is that part of the country has been traditionally known for the great Trash Metal acts over the years. How did that come about?

Gary: Worlds Apart was actually an evolution of emerging progressive group that received an injection of straight forward rock when I joined the band. This new direction became clear with each new song we crafted, and then was solidified when Jay took over fronting the group.

Myglobalmind: Can you tell us some of your influences growing up? And how they have affected the band’s sound to this day?

Gary: My influences were initially jazz, Ed Shaugnnessy, Buddy Rich, then I heard Neal Pert and I was hooked. When it came to stage presents and performance, Tommy Aldridge, Alex Van Halen, and Tommy Lee, were cats I looked to for ideas, but I still use Ed Shaugnnessy’s Pro-Mark 707 sticks.

Myglobalmind: The promotional pressing stated that the new sound on the record was intended to capture the bands’ powerful live sound? Can you talk a little more about that, and also explain the feeling when going on stage in front of a crowd and singing those catchy melodic tunes and hearing the crowd sing back?

Gary: That’s true, it’s the live sound that drives me. Then you mix that live sound with our fans and their appreciation of our music, and it doesn’t get any better. In fact, I sing all of our songs while playing the show. I’ve often come off the stage with a horse voice, which is sometimes tough to explain since I don’t have a mic.

Myglobalmind: Clean Slate marked the return of original guitarist Rich Cedillo to the band, what interesting element did he add in the recording process?

Gary: Rich is like the nervous system of Words Apart, and his playing style was key to returning to our original roots, musically. Recording was effortless, as it should be and Rich’s tracks helped drive the sessions and ignite the groups creativity.

Myglobalmind: Like to take this moment to ask about Perris Records president Tom Mathers, I know he is very much involved with the bands on the label, some he has known for years. Can you talk a little more a about that?

Gary: Tom has been great to work with over the years, and has been both our business partner and a fan. It was his enthusiastic review of Clean Slates initial cut that motivated JAS to pursue further discussions.

Myglobalmind: If you have a dream band that you would like to tour with that you have not already, who would it be?

Gary: The Crue!

Myglobalmind: Any possibility of a tour sometime in the future? I know fans would love to see you guys perform live.

Gary: I think we are all interested in performing live, that’s the best part of being a musician… playing for the fans.

Myglobalmind: This is your spot to let your voices out per say, how can Myglobamind as a webzine and your fans and our fans do to spread your great music to the masses? Any special message you would like to tell your fans before we close?

Gary: Yes,thanks for all of your support and great feedback! Keep supporting venues that promote musical variety and that offer a platform for exposure to independent bands, and fans that appreciate those that work so hard to keep it accessible .

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