Interview with: Terje Eide (On The Rise) (Vocals/Guitarist)

0 shares Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Interview by Denys, posted on 03/30/2010 Interview with: Terje Eide (On The Rise) (Vocals/Guitarist) Myglobalmind: Greetings Terje!!! From friends at Myglobalmind. Thank you...

Interview by Denys, posted on 03/30/2010

Interview with: Terje Eide (On The Rise) (Vocals/Guitarist)

Myglobalmind: Greetings Terje!!! From friends at Myglobalmind. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some of our questions about On The Rise to for some of our readers. Congratulations on the awesome new record!! How is everything in Norway?

Terje: Thanks! Glad you like the new ON THE RISE album – “DREAM ZONE”. It’s wonderful in my hometown BERGEN. The snow has gone now. Well most of it. The Spring is close by and I’m really looking forward to the summer for sure.

Myglobalmind: For readers  not familiar with the band On the Rise, can you tell us a little more about yourself, the band and previous records in a brief?

Terje: I first captured the public ear at age 16, as singer, guitarist and songwriter. My musical career began in earnest a year later, through winning a local talent contest. I later enjoyed a stint with the band Heaven & Hell, a rock institution in Bergen in the 80s. In 1986 I won the Norwegian National Rock Championship on national TV with the band The Heat. I started my own band a few years later. I went back to my roots of melodic rock in 2000 by starting a project that later on became ON THE RISE. A demo was made in early 2001 which immediately raised the interest of Frontiers Records s.r.l, who signed the project in June 2002.The debut album was released in February 2003.

ON THE RISE debut album caused a stir among the Melodic Rock fans community in 2003. Several magazines stated that ON THE RISE created the Melodic Rock ultimate debut album, boasting influences from the likes of Toto, Nelson and Boston with elements of the typical Scandinavian melodic rock. ON THE RISE were catapulted in a few weeks on the headlines of all the Melodic Rock press.

Myglobalmind: As the bands founder and only member, can you explain a little about your musical background and influences that reflect your sound today?

Terje: I have spent several years exploring various musical genres, as well as playing with local artists as a guitarist, singer and backup singer. This capacity landed me a variety of large-scale shows and concerts, backing acclaimed Norwegian artists. My influences are artists and bands like Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Kiss, Toto, Bryan Adams. Journey, Mr. Mister, Steve Perry, John Farnham….just to name a few.

Myglobalmind: A big part of music is writing, where do you draw influences for your writing or when you are prepared to write a new record?

Terje: We’re all inspired and influenced by artists and bands when we’re growing up. I’m more into the go with the flow kind of writing. Whenever I feel inspired I’m sitting down and work on it until it’s complete.  Writing songs is an ongoing process. So making a new album is always there weather you’re touring, doing promotion or doing anything else in life.

Myglobalmind: On the critically acclaimed self title debut, you worked with vocalist Bennech Lyngboe. As I’ve read he did not work with the band on this record, how has that changed your approach in reference to the making of “Dream Zone”?

Terje: Nothing has been different from what I did on the debut album compare to DREAM ZONE. I did almost the same amount of work on the debut album. Besides the fact that I didn’t play as much instruments as I do on DREAM ZONE. DREAM ZONE is more mature and complete in the way it’s been written and arranged.

Myglobalmind: Terje you sure know how to write catchy tunes if I may say so myself, and that quality clearly shows here on the new album, how important is it to write catchy but yet accessible material for the fans?

Terje: Thank you so much. I only focus on the good melody. What comes natural and inspire me through the writing. I’m more into quality than quantity. Instead of writing a bunch of songs to chose from, then I just focus on a few and make them good and sound complete.

Myglobalmind: In “Dream Zone” you received help and contributions from others artists and friends such as Christian Wolff, Erik Engebretsen and , and Eric Ragno, how did you get in touch with them to contribute to the new album?

Terje: I met Erik Engebretsen and Eric Ragno through the net. So did me and Christian Wolff. Quite rewarding and a great collaboration between colleagues and friends in the music business.

Myglobalmind: Can you tell us a little bit more about the title of “Dream Zone”, is there a story behind it?

Terje: The song “DREAM ZONE” has been inspired by the beauty of the dreams we all have. Pure and simple. The hope and inspiration we catch up on and reaching out for everyday. To never give up. To focus on what really matters and mean something in life.

Myglobalmind: If you had a chance to tour or share the stage with a band,  who would it be?

Terje: Difficult to choose since there are so many great acts on the AOR/Melodic rock scene.  Journey would be a pleasure to tour with. It would’ve been Toto if they still were playing.

Myglobalmind: What are the chances of getting your music on the road, tell us a little bit more about that and the process behind it?

Terje: I’m following every step of the way regarding the promotion of the new ON THE RISE album – “DREAM ZONE”.  You know how the music market is out there and through this process I’ll see how it can be done to bring ON THE RISE on the music scene.

Myglobalmind: In a few words, can you relay a sentence that describes the message and sound of the album to our readers?

Terje: ON THE RISE New Album DREAM ZONE is catchy, groovy and keeps the good vibes intact through a musical journey that I hope you all will enjoy as much I did when I made it. Have a good joyful musical ride. Pump Up The Volume, Enjoy & Rock on!

Myglobalmind: What are the future plans for you and the band now Terje? Where do you go from here?

Terje: My future plan is to take it all step by step. To build a foundation. So the first step is to join MELODICROCKFEST 2 on Friday April 30, Saturday May 1 & Sunday May 2 in Elgin, CHICAGO.

Myglobalmind: Terje thanks for taking the time to answer the interview questions. We wish all the best for On The Rise’s  new album “Dream Zone”, thank you for making such an outstanding record and we hope to hear more from you soon. Is there anything you would like to add for readers of Myglobalmind Webzine?

Terje: You’re welcome. Glad you like it. Pleasures all mine. CDs still got the best quality to enjoy music. Buy the music on a CD! KEEP ROCK ALIVE!

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