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Julien Damotte – Trapped

Released by Independent Release – 2010

Review Added May 13, 2010

Released: Self released Out Now!!!
Style: Progressive Metal

1. Born Dead
2. Opening Chapter
3. The Voice Within Your Soul
4. Eternal Love
5. The Inner Struggle
6. What You’ve Been Through
7. Dying
8. Death
9. Ending Chapter

Most readers of this site have probably not yet heard of JULIEN DAMOTTE, but this is all about to change. Julien is a 23 year old guitar virtuoso from France and TRAPPED is his second solo release following 2003’s DEEP INSIDE. TRAPPED can mainly be described as a prog metal release. I say mainly because there are a few other elements mixed into the album’s nine songs ranging from the occasional death growls and some interesting segments that are clearly influenced by some Soul, Blues and old RnB.
As you may think, this isn’t a prog metal album in the usual terminology, but if you like your metal progressive and interesting there is a certain charm to TRAPPED.

TRAPPED is a concept album, but not too focused in a storyline or anything, just a collection of songs that are inspired by the thought that all of us are ‘trapped’ in our own conscious and are part of a book that already has the ending written. It’s a great concept to base this sort of melancholic progressive music around and really compliments the sound. There is one flaw I feel I must comment on though, and that is the programmed drums. I totally understand that these self-released/ self-funded project albums are done on a shoestring budget, but no matter how well the drums are programmed (which are done very well here consequently), it’s just a totally different sound & feel from having a real drummer on the album.

The highlight of the album is the twelve minute final trap ENDING CHAPTER that is separated into three pieces and really goes from one extreme to another and back again several times. The two opening instrumental tracks BORN DEAD and OPENING CHAPTER are both a treat to listen to and are a nice warm up before the vocals kick in for the rest of the album.

TRAPPED is an interesting forte into the more experimental side of progressive metal that will definitely find a fan base, especially within guitarist circles as this guy can really play. Slightly let down by the artificial drum sound, but I was still impressed enough with what I heard to be excited about what JULIEN DAMOTTE does next.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  8/10

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