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Serial Obsession – Shotgun

Released by Serial Obsession Music

Review Added May 13, 2010

Released by Serial Obsession Music
Style: Melodic Hard Rock

1. All The Way
2. Costa Rica**
3. Dear Abby
4. Edge Of The Blade
5. Follow You Down**
6. Half Cocked**
7. I Can’t Believe**
8. Inside Out
9. No Surprise
10. So Cold
**Hot Tracks

Shawn Sugrue – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Mike Suozzi – Lead Guitar
Jason Rosin – Bass Guitar
T. Motts– Drums

Having released an EP in 2008 titled “Sexy But Useless” and having received good feedback, we took notice and decided to check out this trio of Hard Rockers from New York City. The guys of Serial Obsession are one of those few bands out there that possesses that unique ability to sound modern but still display some old school traits in their crunchy guitar licks and rhythms. Their full length album “Shotgun Opera” plays somewhat to that description as it displays some skillful guitar playing with a mixture of straight up old school hard rock influences ranging wide and far.

The guys certainly can raise the anti with some addictive hooks on such hot tracks like “Costa Rica” where the undertone voice of lead vocalist Shawn Sugrue match the spiked up guitar antics of the talented Suozzi and Rosin guitar duo. The driving colorful riffs in “Edge Of The Blade” mend a touch of alternative with plenty of hard rock attitude and screams and the vocals sometimes reminding listeners of a younger Tom Petty. “Follow You Down” comes across as a nice southern bluesy track and the vocals and sound here are reminiscent of some older Jerry Cantrell material. Let the attitude of “Half Cocked‘ bring back the arena rockers of old as it will have you bobbing your head back and forth.

You will hardly find a dull moment in this tight production, even for an independent release the sound and the musicianship is top notch. Is refreshing for the band to continue climbing the ladder and carry on from their successful EP and now with a solid hard rocking album stapled on the ground, let’s hope the group gets the recognition they deserve. As for you the readers, recommended to any Hard Rock fans new or old, you are bound to find something here that will satisfy your rocker hungry frenzy. Check them out and support the band!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10


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