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Steve Saluto – Resurrection

Released by Heart of Steel- 2010

Review Added April 28, 2010

Running Time: 42:19
Style: Blues Rock / Hard Rock

1. Too Late
2. Out Of Time
3. I Still Fall
4. Now I Know
5. Walkin’
6. One Life
7. Don’t Waste Your Time
8. Rough Beat
9. The Right Man
10. Fly
11. Train Jumpers
12. Resurrection
13. You Show Me
14. Birds
15. I Keep Waiting
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For those of you that aren’t familiar with the name, STEVE SALUTO is an Italian guitarist with a very distinct and unique sound. He travels somewhere between HENDRIX, GARY MOORE and seventies funk & soul music.
SALUTO first decided to try the guitar after hearing the now famous guitar solo on the Michael Jackson song BEAT IT which was provided by none other than EDDIE VAN HALEN. His accomplishments are mainly of the solo variety, but he has worked with a whole heap of people in the past and his latest venture as the guitarist of LA FAMIGLIA SUPERSTAR, also featuring TERRY ILOUS and MARCO MENDOZA.

The new album RESURRECTION is basically a rehash of two older SALUTO albums, that have been joined together so if you already own ROUGH BEAT from 2006 and RUST & GOLD from 2008, there is only two new tracks to be found on the whole sixteen song album.
Most of the vocals on the album are provided by MARCO MENDOZA who does a pretty god job, but his voice does seem limited and some of the tunes on this album stretch him a little far I felt. There is also six songs that feature lead vocals from RICHIE KOTZEN. These six songs are the best of the album, and KOTZEN sounds as good as ever.

SALUTO’S songwriting can be a little hit-n-miss for me personally, but when he is good he is really, really good. It may be just a musical style thing for me, but just sometimes I feel the guitar is too far steeped in a funk sound similar to PRINCE when the song seems to call for the guitar to rock out. My favorite song on the album was I STILL FALL, featuring KOTZEN on vocals, the song sounds like one of his own and would fit on any of his solo albums without a problem.
The album as a whole is probably a little bit better than I have made out in this review, but the inconsistent songwriting and the fact that fourteen of these tunes have been heard before is a bit too much for me. Still, if you don’t have either of the albums mentioned earlier you could do much worse that picking this one up, especially if you’re a RICHIE KOTZEN fan. Close but not quite there.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  6/10

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