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Masterplan – Time To Be King

Released by AFM Records

Review added June 4, 2010

Released by AFM Records on May 21, 2010

Style: Melodic/Power Metal




Jorn Lande – vocals
Roland Grapow – guitars
Jan S. Eckert – bass
Axel Mackenrott – keyboards
Mike Terrana – drums


1. Fiddle Of Time**

2. Blow Your Winds

3. Far From The End Of The World**

4. Time To Be King**

5. Lonely Winds Of War

6. The Dark Road**

7. The Sun Is In Your Hands**

8. The Black One

9. Blue Europa

10. Under The Moon

**Hot Tracks

Bonus track on ltd. Edition:
Kisses From You

Masterplan clearly left their mark on the metal world back in 2002 when Roland Grapow and legendary vocalist Jorn Lande got together and formed the band. Their unique style of Melodic Power Metal and Hard Rock took the genre by storm and blended a sound that has not been too common in the power metal realm since then. To say the self title debut became an instant classic is an understatement, combining both skill, power and range the music they created then just felt right. After a successful follow up in Aeronautics, Lande decided t part ways with the band and focused on his own solo projects, along the way left many long time fans wanting more. The replacement came in Mike Dimeo (by Riot/The Lizards), although a solid singer he could touch Lande’s range for a miles and the subsequent record MKIII did not hit the mark for fans.

Lande has been an interesting enigma, even though he has become the voice of Hard Rock and one of the most consistent vocalists out there, his solo work often has not lived up to the caliber of past groups like Ark or Masterplan, is not to take anything away from him as a solo artist, but just something to point out. Now he reunites with Masterplan and Grapow once more and many fans expected this long await record to live up to their debut and in most parts it does just that.

“Time To Be King”  starts up on a good note with “Fiddle Of Time” a track which could of have been a left over from their debut masterpiece, that quick change of rhythm and speed metal riffs that picks up the pace from the beginning. A great opening track!  The first track that blows up the amperage is “Far From The End Of The World” which was featured on the EP released earlier. A hard power metal riffest takes control full force and Jorn does his wonder again with his amazing pipes taking you on a roller coaster ride.  The title track hints at some similar guitar work from the Ark days, being that Lande wrote the lyrics on this one it wouldn’t surprise me if inspiration came from that eclectic melodic style.  The change of pace in “The Dark Road” take full fights as Lande once again manages to break down the shift pattern of the monotonous power metal groove. Crank any of these metal slamming hits as they are meant to be played loud and proud, the drumming is pretty menacing, the guitar solos are mind mending and shall we say anything else about the vocals? Don’t think so…

I would recommend various listens to this one as you have to let the music sink in, at first it will sound like anything Lande has done in the past, but the reality is that the music sounds stronger then “Aeronautics” and the presence of Jorn and Grapow is felt without a shadow of a doubt. I have always said that Jorn needs to stay in a group like this, hopefully he will stick around for a while this time. This is highly recommended for any Masterplan fans and fans of Melodic Metal as no one does this better than these guys. Time To Be King will no doubt land on my top list this year because they are the kings after all reclaiming their throne.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  9/10

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