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Pangea – Retrospectacular

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Lion Music
Release Dates: 5/21/2010


Torben Lysholm – Vocal and Guitar.

Jan Engstrøm – Bass.

Tony Olsen – Drums and Percussion.


Backing vocals – Jan Eliasson, Knud Lindhart, Lene Riebau, Jan Engstrøm, Tony Olsen and Torben Lysholm.

Bass on “It’s Too Late” – Christian Rajkai

Track Listing:
1. Time’s Up 3:38
2. Hold Your Fire 3:49
3. Right Between The Eyes 3:34
4. Blindfold 3:43
5. Little By Little 5:30
6. Shot 3:43
7. Don’t Let Go 2:51
8. House Of Love 4:40
9. TNT 5:10
10. 2 AM 3:47
11. It’s Too Late 3:18

The band Pangea has been in existence since 1991 with it’s original members remaining together. Their debut album “The First” was released in 1995 in Asia and Japan and in 1997 the band released their sophomore effort “Manchild” in Europe. Having high expectations for a third one, the band went took a risk and decided to invest a pricy record but problem was Japan was going through an economic downfall and nobody wanted to buy in on the license asking price. The trio decided to call it quits in 2008 only to reunite again and finish their overdue third record titled “Retrospectacular” released through Lion Music.

Nearly a decade later and they finally completed the record that they had hoped for.  The sound here is still vintage melodic hard rock, some of the influences pop out you in terms of Talisman for instance.  Lead vocalist Torben Lysholm has a strong voice that leads the way in songs like “Hold Your Fire” and “Right Between The Eyes” which sounds as if Jeff Scott Soto is taking control of the mike. The high riser “Little By Little” showcases the band tight hanging catchy energy as this precarious track starts with a middle eastern flavor as it picks up the pace. Glimpses of traditional AOR nuances can be found on “Shot” with it’s laid back approach almost ballad like works perfect to lighten up the mood.

The overall experience here is very approachable and presentable, in fact I’m surprise that after nearly a decade the band still managed to release something worth your attention. Sure they had tons of time to perfect the sound, but if you think about how much music changes and influences varied through time, they have to be commended on such a solid effort. Praise must be given to Torbe Lysholm for a nice job on guitars and vocal duties, and the rest of the band for sounding up to date. If you like Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock then this one can’t be too far away from your next catch.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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