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Kaos – The Pits Of Existence

Released By: Bottomless Pit OUT NOW!!

Style: Thrash Metal



1. Enter Insanity

2. Bleed Some More

3. Pits Of Existence

4. Let God Sort Them Out

5. Blood Sacrifice

6. Out Of Time

7. Sludge

8. creaming In The Mirror

9. Tear Us Apart

10. oul To Live

11. Exit Reality

Before I start the proper review for this album, I would like to just make a quick comment on just awesome 2010 has been so far for Thrash Metal, We have already had stellar releases from bands like HEATHEN, OVERKILL, ANNIHILATOR and a slew of Thrash revival bands like BATALLION, WICCA and POLLUTION and so far it’s surely one of the best years in recent history for stellar Thrash Metal releases.

So with that being said, how does the new KAOS album stack up against the rest? Pretty darn well actually!  I was stunned to discover that THE PITS OF EXISTENCE is the band’s third full release and they have actually been around since forming in the bay area of San Francisco in the late eighties. Also interesting is the fact that there are so many new bands these days trying to imitate what was happening in the bay area at this time, but a band that was actually there has released a very modern iteration of Thrash Metal.

When I say modern, I don’t mean in the vein of bands like TRIVIUM, but more in the sense of modern production values and modern vocalist which style-wise bears a resemblance to the latest couple of TESTAMENT albums.

From start to finish it is clear that the guys from KAOS are seasoned professionals, and the bay area connection is very clear. With some of the strongest modern day thrash riffery I’ve heard in a long time, combined with the slightly hardcore-edged vocals of screamer JASON DARNELL, KAOS have all the ingredients necessary to break away from the pack and become huge stars in the thrash world, especially with future classics like BLEED SOME MORE and LET GOD SORT THEM OUT, a catchy as all get up song that will glue itself into your frontal lobes for a long time after the disc is over.

Being that there has been so many good thrash releases already this year, and a bunch more to come, I just hope that enough people make the effort to check this band out. KAOS, your time is now, welcome to the elite.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  9/10

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