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Divided Multitude – Guardian Angel


Style: Melodic Metal/Prog Metal



1. Resurrection

2.Nowhere To Hide**

3. Senses

4. Something For Someone**

5. Regrets

6. Interludium

7. My Dying Hour**

8. Promised Land

9. Pieces On The floor

10. Deeds Of Deception

11. Guardian Angel**

The road to this album has been a long and winding one, with DIVIDED MULTITUDE tracing its history way back to 1995.Since then they have released a few demos, broken-up and re-formed, and had a small handful of albums, none of which seem to have bought the band the recognition they deserve. Enter 2010, the band have a new label, a bigger production budget and some of the best songs they have written in their career thus far.

So, the band has been described as being progressive metal, which is a term that doesn’t really sit well with me for this band, yes there are elements that remind of other progressive outfits, but as a whole the sound has much, much more to do with Melodic Metal than anything else. Not that this is a bad thing, no, not at all. In fact GUARDIAN ANGEL is one of the best Melodic Metal albums I have listened to so far this year and is a vast improvement both musically and sonically over anything else the band have done in the past.

SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE is one of the more progressive sounding tracks of the album with a very predominant keyboard structure mixed with some awesome guitar squeals. MY DYING HOUR as a real album highlight and even treads the line of Thrash Metal while still remaining true to the DIVIDED MULTITUDE formula.

Something I really, and mean really enjoyed about the album was the approach taken by vocalist SINDRE ANTONSEN, which will still sitting in the confines of Melodic Metal singing, he adds a very beefy undertone that reminds me of one of my favorite power metal singers ANDY B. FRANCK from BRAINSTORM.

While GUARDIAN ANGEL doesn’t do anything amazing, what it does do is done very, very well and is something that should help the band find a bigger audience. I do however have a slight reservation recommending the album to prog metal die-hards, as I don’t think the progressive elements are predominant enough to excite, but I am more than happy to recommend that anyone that enjoys melodic metal to at least give this one a fair listen, there’s plenty here to like. Well worth a few listens

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee 7/10

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