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Highway 414 – Hellbound For The Highway

Independent Release

Genre: Blues/Rock

Release Date: March 20, 2010




1. Show Me The Door

2. All Fired Up

3. All Burning Up

4. Ain’t That Like A Woman

5. Sorry Sunday (Hangover Blues)

6. Any Friend Of Vinnie

7. Make Love Together

8. Bridge Across The Mile

9. I’m Callin’

10.Bungalow Boogie

11.Dusk Till Dawn

12.Devil Ridin’ Shotgun

Line Up

S. Aaron Oliver – Guitar

Paul Fecke – Vocals and Harmonica

Dan Behrens – Bass

Eric Sorenson – Drums

Nothing screams evokes an emotion like some old school Rock/Blues. Anybody who calls themselves a fan of Rock can appreciate the roots, and no matter how much the musical scepter has evolved since the Blues, you can still find many great acts around the country that can strike a chord or two. Excited to find new bands all the time that can shed some southern action to kick back too on a casual sundays. Believe it or not Highway 414 are a group from Milwaukee, Wisconsin formed back in 2008. The boys are a tight bunch displaying traditional “high energy” blues with some modern nuances for instance old classics by artists such as Muddy Waters, Albert King and  Howlin’ Wolf.

A crucial element of course is the harmonica which adds that grinding soul feeling to most of the songs, tracks like “All Fired Up” and “All Burning ‘ Up” shows this common trait the most. No slouch for the guitar, lead axeman Aaron Oliver dwelles into a roll thundering solo on “Ain’t That Like A Woman”. No doubt shades of Stevie Ray show in bight colors upon listening to “Sorry Sunday (Hangover Blues)” with a traditional slow-grinding blues classic fee. One of the highlights of this “Highway” trip is the song “Bungalow Boogie” a bluesy hard rock speed jam session with a little of funkiness for good measure.

Even if Blues Rock is your thing or just a casual classic rock fiend, you will find a record well done top to bottom, is not groundbreaking as the influences scream loudly but proud, but the classic blues trademark sound is performed on a high level and just a good fun cd to pop in your car and listen to on the highway or a road trip.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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  1. Do you hear the shades of Steppenwolf (“All Burning Up & Dusk till Dawn”)? And Tony Soprano says “Make Love Together” is #1 at the Bada Bing.


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