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Barons Ball – Push

Release by STF Records

Release: Out Now

Genre: Rock/Modern Rock



1. When Push Comes to Shove

2. Give Me All Of Your Love

3. Rising Higher**

4. Fall To Pieces

5. Cold Sweat

6. Do You Wanna Run**

7. Give Me A Sign**

8. Bizarre

9. You Make A Fool Out Of Me

10. Gasoline

11.Put On Mine

12.This Is God For Me

Barons Ball is an interesting melodic rock outfit from Germany, the crew has borrowed influences from more modern rock bands like Nickelback, and some classic ones like Bon Jovi or Guns N’ Roses. I’m always fascinated to hear more mainstream music from other parts of the world, as much as mainstream rock gets constant airplay on the radio and tv back here in the states, in places like Germany however, other genres and different types of music dominate the airwaves.

Kicking things up is “When Push Comes To Shove” has a nice melodic leading riff that maintains the song interesting. The chorus reprise in “Rising Higher” makes this track a standout, as the winding guitar solo breaks in for the kill. In the interest of fairness we have to point out that the vocals here overall are not a high point, the range on vocalist Snake Levon is very limited, but the music makes the record listenable as it creates an interesting mood with the mix of modern rock sounds. The AC/DC style riff in “Cold Sweat” feels too undermined and uninspired to grab the listener. Finally some groovy guitar licks peaks my attention span when “Do You Wanna Run” slides by with yet more boogy rock influences to be had.

My biggest beef with “Push” is the fact that the first half of the record starts very slow and you can’t feel that energy that later picks up the second half of the album. As previously stated the vocals are limited in range and it holds the band back from exploding, as the musicianship is more then average and the guitar playing is pretty solid all things considering. The production is also a bit muddy at times and it takes away from a strong overall crispness. Overall the band definitely has some areas of improvement, but they have the right idea and with a little more creativity the sound may be able to evolved into a little more energy into these songs. I would suggest you go check out some of their songs on their Myspace page and judge for yourself as is a definite unbalance mix bag of tunes.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  6/10

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