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The Lovecrave – Soul Saliva

Released By: Repo Records Out Now!!!

Run Time: 45:55

Genre: Gothic Rock


Line Up

Vocals – Francesca Chiara

Guitar – Tank Palamara

Drums – Bob Parolin

Bass – Simon Dredo


1. The Other You

2. And Scream

3. Warriors

4. Fade

5. Get Outta Here

6. Thriller

7. Your Fire

8. Leon’s Lullaby

9. Tru Blood

10. Outsider

It has been a while since I heard anything from the female-fronted Goth metal/rock genre that has really impressed me, basically I liked EVANSECENCE, heard a few decent bands in the genre since then and that’s truly been about it. But here in front of me is the new album from Italian gothic rockers THE LOVECRAVE, and I must say, I am truly floored by just how good it is.

Realistically, the music and the songwriting are on par with most of the good bands in the genre, but the true clear stand-out of this album is vocalist FRANCESCA CHIARA. I have heard umpteen female gothic rock & metal vocalists over the last five or so years and most of the time I find them either plain bad singers, or imitators trying to clutch to the success of their predecessors, so it was nice to listen to a female vocalist that just does her own thing without the usual confines of the style. I would say stylistically Francesca sits somewhere between CHRISSY AMPHLETT and SHIRLEY MANSON. Maybe not the first combination that would come into your head when thinking about a gothic rock band, but let me assure you, it really works well and this could just well be favorite female vocal performance of all time.

Opening track THE OTHER YOU starts with a bit of an electronica beat before blending into one of my favorite songs of the year and should make a splash on modern rock radio if there is any justice in the world. AND SCREAM sounds as though it could be a song Butch Vig wrote for GARBAGE and is another radio ready track. WARRIORS is a great song that is a great showcase for everything the band stands for. FADE is an amazing ballad track that really shows the skills of vocalist Francesca. THRILLER is yup, a MICHAL JACKSON cover, but done in the LOVECRAVE style and actually works well and can stand up as a great song on its own merits. YOUR FIRE is one of the more straightforward rock tracks on the album and sounds like a modern day version of THE DIVINYLS or PAT BENETAR.

Try as I might, I just cannot find anything to dislike about this release, world-class musicianship, great songwriting & lyrics and one of the most exciting female voices to grace the rock world in a long, long time just adds up to a must-buy album and one of the highlights of 2010. Buy it today, you won’t be disappointed.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  10/10

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