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Boil – A New Decay


Style: Modern Rock

Duration: 47:26



1. Redefine

2. Transition

3. Sleepwalker

4. Quiet Hours

5. Faceless

6. Clarity

7. The Fall

8. Dead Inside

9. Hypersomnia

10. Starless

A NEW DECAY is the second album from Danish four-piece BOIL, who since the release of their debut album in 2007 have been carving out a pretty respectable following in their homeland and are now pushing for some success abroad. My short feelings is that band have everything needed to push into overseas markets, they have the modern alt-rock look down to a tee, the songs are interesting enough for the more discerned listener, but also have the gloss and sheen of radio-ready modern rock a-la PAPA ROACH and INCUBUS.

The package as a whole is definitely world-class and it’s nice to hear a real fat, meaty production that doesn’t sound too muddy. Interestingly enough, the sound the band have created is, in its essence a very simple radio ready rock formula, but tinged with some more arty and progressive elements that reminded me of early day TOOL and bears some similarities to the ORDER OF VOICES album I reviewed and praised last month.

So yes, with those comparisons in check, I was quite pleased with a majority of the album and songs like REDEFINE, SLEPWALKER, THE FALL and DEAD INSIDE have ensured that the album will remain close to my stereo for a while yet. The only negative thing I can say about A NEW DECAY is that a couple of the songs go a little long without much variation and seem to repeat the same bit too many times in a row, but this really is just a small niggle for what is surely one of the better modern rock albums of the year If you checked out the ORDER OF VOICES album and enjoyed it, I recommend giving this one a go too, and if you’re a fan of TOOL you could do much worse than BOIL.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  8/10

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