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Pretty Maids – Pandemonium

Released by Frontiers Records

Released on June 8th, 2010

Genre: Hard Rock

Running Time: 49:00



Line Up:

Ronnie Atkins – Vocals

Ken Hammer – Guitars

Kenn Jackson – Bass

Allan Tschicaja – Drums

Morten Sandager – Keyboards


1. Pandemonium**

2. I.N.V.U.**

3. Little Drops Of Heaven**

4. One World One Truth

5. Final Day Of Innocence**

6. Cielo Drive

7. It Comes At Night**

8. Old Enough To Know

9. Beautiful Madness

10. Breathless

**Hot Tracks

If you must know Pretty Maids the famous Danish Hard Rock group has roamed the genre realm since 1983 when they release they’re breakthough debut “Red, Hot and Heavy” since then the band has received critical acclaimed and to be sincerely honest I don’t believe they have released one bad release in they’re long career in the scene. Records like “Future World” and “Spooked” marked theyre staple on the Hard Rock/Metal world introducing the band’s staple sound of metal scandanavian style.

As some might recall, “Wake up to the Real World” in 2006 started the band’s relationship with Frontiers Records and the release was followed by several Festival appearances in the years to come. Now the band’s releases another anticipated concentrate of invictus modern hard rock and metal escapade titled “Pandemonium”, the band’s now 12th studio album. In a very politically driven lyrical concept, the band opens up with “Pandemonium” consorting some deep keyboard driven melody and a straight ahead rocker riffage to sucessfully pave the way for the mood of the record. The 2 subsequent tracks “I.N.V.U” and “Little Drops Of Heaven” both stand out with more of a stronger edge and menacing rhythm drive against the clear pipes of Ronnie Atkins. The opening guitar lick on “Final Day Of Innocence” brings flashes of “The Who”, but once the track starts you realize that Maids have added a modern flare approach to another catchy tune. I was drawn to the thick heavy bottom approach of “It Comes At Night” which holds the bar high as it sounds like something Gotthard would play.

If you are fortunate to get the limited Digipack you will find a remix bonus track of “It Comes At Night”, the cover artwork is pretty eye catching as well. Is hard to stay consistent and still have something to offer while raising the bar. Pretty Maids does just that, I wouldn’t put it pass they’re previous classics, but the sound have evolved into more harder Metal approach while not forgetting they’re catchy melodic recipe. These guys have to be commended on a career that spands 26 years now and marching forward with something for long time fans to add to theyr’e collection. Must have for PM and Hard Rock fans. If you haver never checked them out I can’t recommend it enough because it holds well against any of they’re back catalogue material.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys 8/10

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