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Triumph – Greatest Hits Remixed CD/DVD

Released by Frontiers Records

Released: May 18, 2010 (2010-05-18)

Genre: Hard Rock

Producer: Emmett, Levine, Moore

Links: http://www.triumphmusic.com

Line Up:

Rik Emmett – guitar, vocals

Gil Moore – drums, percussion, vocals

Michael Levine – bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizers

Phil Xenidis – guitar (on “Child of the City”)

CD Tracks

1. “Allied Forces”

2. “Lay It on the Line”

3. “Follow Your Heart”

4. “Magic Power”

5. “I Live for the Weekend”

6. “Hold On”

7. “Just One Night”

8. “Fight the Good Fight”

9. “Spellbound”

10. “Never Surrender”

11. “When the Lights Go Down”

12. “Somebody’s Out There”

13. “Rock and Roll Machine”

14. “Love Hurts”

DVD Tracks

1. “Follow Your Heart”

2. “Lay It on the Line”

3. “Spellbound”

4. “Magic Power”

5. “When the Lights Go Down”

6. “Hold On”

7. “Just One Night”

8. “Somebody’s Out There”

9. “Allied Forces”

10. “Never Surrender”

11. “Never Say Never”

12. “Child of the City” (Bonus Video)

13. “Blinding Light Show” (Bonus Bootleg Video: Filmed on Fan Cam)

14. “Love Hurts” (Bonus Video)

When you think of Canadian Hard Rock bands, you will probably think of Rush or Saga first, but Triumph cannot be left too far behind in terms of worldwide success. Eight of the bands albums were certified Gold or higher and building a reputation on extensive touring and defining the “Arena” term all over the world, the band’s most definitely build a reputation for quality music not to mention one of the most influential rock groups to come out of Canada.

Paying tribute to their career and their induction into the Canadian Hall Of Fame in April 2008 is the Greatest Hits Remixed, a double cd/dvd package stockpiling some of the band’s most celebrated tracks. A tightly put together package with ten page bio booklet recapping the band’s journey since they got they’re start in the 70’s. Music quality is here is tight and the production is well done with Melodic Rock classics such as “Follow Your Heart” and “Magic Power” serving a double dose of the harmonics and arena sound that made the band so popular. The dual vocal combo of Rick Emmet and Gil Moore on drums add a new flavor to each and every track on this hits compilation. Other favorite includes the sweet acoustic soul opener of “When The Lights Go Down” and the menacing anthem of “Rock & Roll Machine”. The DVD portion features some of the same cuts on the CD version live video versions instead, with some bonus video footage of “Child In The City” with Phil X on guitars, plus extra footage of the bands Hall of Fame induction.

The band clearly marked they’re path during the 80’s as so many bands did. The difference was as a progressive entity they manage to evolve with each offering adding a refreshing sound and building they’re own pattern for the way melodic hard rock should be played. The band grew they’re reputation on the road and with they’re crazy pyrotechnics on stage they created a flare to go with the exuberant melodic prowess of they’re music. Anybody who’s has ever been a fan of Triumph should probably pick this up as a good career compilation, and give thanks to a truly influential and iconic band not just in they’re homeland but around the world. Knock it back it’s a successful Triumph!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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