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Under The Flood – Alive In The Fire

Released by Join Or Die Records

Released on June 15, 2010

Genre: Modern Rock



Line Up:

Dave Nadolski : Vocals

Matt Nadolski : Guitar

Brandon Sidebottom : Guitar

Kenn Davis : Bass

Russell Lee : Drums


1. Wake Up**

2. Alive In the Fire

3. Sickness

4. Face of a Lie

5. Gravity

6. The Moment

7. Holding On**

8. Escape

9. Miracle

10. Healing

11. Long Way Up

12. Believe

In today’s modern rock world is easy to be compared to just another mainstream rock band out there. Such bands as Three Days Grace, Saving Abel or even Daughtry have come to obtain good commercial sucesss, meanwhile talent sometimes a question music wise I have always passed on such bands because there is so much music out there waiting to be heard that you lean more towards little known bands that need a change and provide more diversity. Such an example is Under The Flood,  originating from Virginia formed in 2006 by brothers Matt and Dave Nadolski (guitars and vocals). Even though the sound is straight up modern hard rock, they use a subtle approach with some dark melodic hooks to subject the songs for a more creeping ensemble of  the best that any of mainstream hitting it big now have to offer.

The album fires up right away with “Wake Up” showing us the bands own style and submitting your ears with a good hard hitting vibe.  The string contortion in  “Face Of A Lie”  peaked my attention as it sounds a little evil and distorted then previous tracks on this offering. A touch of darkness looms heavily on the bands first single “Gravity” as it pounces your brain in with an anemic chorus and thundering drums. Shifting pace is a touchy ballad in “Holding On” and here the voice of lead man Nadolski softer side calms the flow of the album with an almost whispering soulful approach.

Quality and substance seem to be lacking so much in this modern rock world where the corporate machine seems to control what they fit is good to our ears. In cases like with Under The Flood, you can tell the band used a more personal approach and had more control as to what they wanted to build on from their debut “The Witness”.  The sound is more mature and the lyrics are ever evolving hitting on some darker areas to fit the mold of the record well. Is certainly not reinventing the wheel, but as far as dishing out a consistent overall package you have to give some credit here because they succeed in keeping your attention which for me is hard especially when it comes to more modern rock bands.  I would recommend you check the guys Myspace and preview some of their music if your into bands like Saving Abel, or Three Days Grace but in terms of vocals only really, then go check this one out as they have way more to offer then you would initially think.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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