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Downcount – Soundtrack To The Revolution

RELEASED BY : TenSided Records OUT NOW!!

Genre: Modern Metal



1. Burn

2. Free

3. The Time Is Now

4. Backed Into A Corner

5. I Regret

6. Anniversary

7. Against The Law

8. Altered State

9. Life Support

10. End Of My Rope

11. Escape

12. Come And Take It

DOWNCOUNT have quite an interesting story about the beginning of the band back in 2007. Lead vocalist DOUG KENDALL started out as the host a very political radio show that had listeners around the globe. He asked a local metal band to come and play live on the radio show and instantly hit it off with the guitarist ERIC FLEMMING, finding that the two of them shared many of the same views on world politics. DOUG asked ERIC if he would like to help out on a solo project, and from there they ended up finding drummer MARLON SLATER and bassist WILL WIGGINS and formed what is now known as DOWNCOUNT.

As you can probably imagine, the entire album lyrically, is very politically charged, which can be an instant pass for some and a point of extra interest for others. For those that are interested in the political side of the band, songs like FREE, ALTERED STATE and AGAINST THE LAW are good enough to be your new anthems and are all songs capable of sending the band further of the ladder of success.

Even if you are not so much into politically charged music though, SOUNDTRACK OD THE REVOLUTION still has plenty to offer. The style the band play is mainly inspired by the modern metal of guys like DISTURBED and GODSMACK, but within you will also find elements of PANTERA, ALICE IN CHAINS and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. All of these influences mash into a sound that is overall very, very catchy and extremely groovy. Sure a lot of the riffs are simplistic, but some of the best metal songs of the last two decades have been built around basic riffs, hell DIMEBAG did it for years. Vocalist DOUG KENDALL ain’t no slough either with a voice that sounds like a heavier SCOTT WEILAND and carries each of these songs with pure conviction. You can always tell when a vocalist is truly passionate about his lyrics, which has never been more evident than right here on SOUNDTRACK TO THE REVOLUTION.

I am not a very political person by any stretch, but I still found myself coming back to this one a few times and I must say I really enjoyed every aspect of the release. Definitely recommended.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  8/10

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