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Order Of Voices – Order Of Voices


Genre: Progressive Alt. Rock


Line Up:

Vocals – Leigh Oates

Guitar – Ashley Homar

Guitar – Stefan Blackwood

Drums – Aynsley Dickinson

Bass – Ian Gaunt


1. For Me

2. Burn Black Light

3. Reaching Down

4. What I Breathe

5. Forgiveness

6. Don’t Falter

7. Then Fall

The intro on the promodoc I received with this album read “ORDER OF VOICES formed in 2009, with the sole aim to create some of the most ambitious music produced by a British alternative rock band in the last 10 years”. After reading this I was absolutely sure I would be disappointed with the album, but boy was I wrong! ORDER OF VOICES truly is one of the best British albums I’ve heard in the last 10 years and maybe one of the best albums ever released in the alt. rock genre.

While the basis of the band’s sound is set deeply in the standard radio ready alt. sound that is also played by bands like BREAKING BENJAMIN, STAIND, FUEL and a bucket load of others, what really sets these guys apart is the massive amount of melody laden throughout the songs and the slight progressive rock touches that are reminiscent of bands like TOOL and A PERFECT CIRCLE.

TOOL is actually a good reference point for ORDER OF VOICES and fans of Maynard James Keen and co. will be very impressed with every aspect of this album. I am using TOOL as a reference to give everyone a bit of an idea on the level of class this band displays, but I want to reiterate the fact that ORDER OF VOICES are certainly no copycat band, and the sound they have created is actually very unique an should help them rise up to a high degree of stardom.

Tracks like opener FOR ME and REACHING DOWN are some of the best music I’ve had in my ears this month and I have come back to these two songs a lot while preparing to write this review. That’s not to say the other six songs aren’t great, because they are, in fact the only bad thing I am going to say about this album is that I wish there was another couple of songs on it.

I am recommending this album to any and all fans of rock music in general, especially TOOL fans. Also highly recommended to those people that look down their nose at the alt. rock genre as this is the band that will change their opinions. Keep an eye out for ORDER OF VOICES, their future is surely a bright one.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  9/10

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