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Skull Daze – Skull Daze

Released By: Street Symphonies Records

Genre: Sleaze/Glam Metal



Line Up:

Johnny Rainbow:Vocals


Acey Starlight:Guitar




01. Intro

02. Back To Hell

03. Nothin’

04. Heartbreak City

05. Believe

06. Turn It Down

07. Beware

08. Heartless Love

09. Dirty Girl

10. Nowhere To Run

11. Sex Drugs And Rock n’ Roll

SKULL DAZE are very new band from Italy who play an eighties inspired brand of sleazy hard rock that bears some striking similarities to RATT, DOKKEN and even some early day DANGER DANGER for good measure. They have only been around since 2007 and after releasing an E.P in 2008 won an award to record a full-length album. This self-titled debut is the result and I can tell you one thing, and that is that it’s freaking awesome.

Musically, all the trademarks of the eighties hair bands can be found here, and the guys have gone the leather and make-up look for full effect, which is something that I usually think is awesome with bands paying tribute to the era, but I must say I don’t like the stage look of awesome vocalist Johnny Rainbow (yes the band members all have cheesy stage names), who actually looks just like a lady that works behind the register at my local supermarket. This is a very small complaint though for an otherwise outstanding product and I’ll leave the make-up alone now and get to the good stuff.

The dual guitar combo of Acey Starlight and Danny Slade have obviously done their homework on the genre and between the two of them have written some kick-ass sleazy riffs and some out of this world shred solos. The songwriting is of a high quality and there were only really one or two songs that I would skip every now and then, but that is possibly so I can get to the highlight tracks sooner. The highlights I speak of were HEARTBREAK CITY, BELIEVE, BEWARE and my clear favorite DIRTY GIRL, a song that encapsulates everything that was good about the eighties hard rock scene and condenses it into three minutes of pure awesomeness.

There have been a lot of albums released so far this year in the sleazy hard rock genre, so it could be easy to brush past this one without a second thought, but I urge anyone into this type of music to order this one immediately and don’t let it go under the radar. We should be hearing more about SKULL DAZE in the future if the world is even a little bit fair.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   9/10

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