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Svolk – Svolk

Released by Tuba Records

Released on August 31, 2009

Genre: Bear Metal



Line Up:

Lead Vocals: Knut Erik Solhaug

Guitar: Jengt Castral

Guitar: Martin Osterhaug

Bass: Halstein Royseland

Drums: Jorgen Seger Haave


1. 52

2. This Is It

3. Anchor

4. Sweet Agony

5.Miss Alcohol

6.12 Times The Pain

7.End Of Days


9. Dead : 30

The music that comes across my desk sometimes amazes me, just how far and wide the influences and the type of styles that comes out of Europe and all across the world. The Norwegian hard rock/metal outfit Svolk, describes their sound as “bear metal”? I know it sounds ridiculous, at first I was thinking to myself , ohh wait here we go again with more crazy, extreme black metal right? No not really, the boys of Svolk play a thick guitar driven sound with a tinge of 70’s experimental almost sludge like metal sounding to be honest.

Some of the songs on here remind me of Clutch but on steroids, the stoner metal influence is obvious but the boys make it work and don’t over do things too much. “52” is a giant riff machine with a thick as hell pounding guitar riff factory. The new wave of British heavy metal influence is also felt on the track “Anchor” with a tight space driven drumming. “Sweet Agony” just has an addicting riff that will melt your brain and make your neck fall out as you won’t be able to stop headbanging your head to his excellent track. The dark heavy hitter swings it’s mysterious dark plow of energy towards a Black Sabbath influence laden approach, that derivative rhythm that just sounds out of place but then comes back to the song full force head, ala “NIB” for example works wonders for this hot track.

Chances are that you have not heard of these guys yet, well I think it’s time you check them out because you will like what you find here.  The melodic guitars don’t get diluted in the hard pounding riff fest and it actually balances the stoner metal formula perfectly to one’s ear. These Norwegians certainly have a sound of their own and its nice for them to finally release a full album after a few years in the grinder. Highly recommended here no joke, go get this!!!.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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