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Lord Volture – Beast of Thunder

Release by : Independent Release

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal




David Marcelis – Vocals

Paul Marcelis – Guitars

Leon Hermans – Guitars

Simon Geurts – Bass

Frank Wintermans – Drums


01 The Coming of the Storm

02 Beast of Thunder

03 Hearts of Steel

04 Time Will Tell

05 Built for the Kill

06 BloodBound

07 The Motherland

08 Retaliation

09 Reign of Fire

10 Outlaw

11 Pure Evil (Hides in the Dark)

When first receiving the Lord Volture promo package I was expecting it to be another typical power metal release with the same up tempo rhythm and shifts that dominates the genre and to be honest making it more boring redundant then ever, but enough about what is not and let’s talk about what it is hey? Lord Volture plays heavy metal in a very traditional manner, in fact vocalist David Marceli’s voice is what gels the music together here so well, his strong metal pipes hail rain and thunder on some of these songs. The guitar riffs on opener “The Coming Of The Storm” hail some influences from Iced Earth in places, no I’m not saying they are the next Iced Earth just simply stating their style is pure ripping heavy metal unquestioned.

The title track “Beast Of Thunder” is a high riser anthem that right from the on set lights the sky on fire, as Marcelis and the rhythm section dominates the track with a heart pounding crush. A number of guitarists participated in the recording of “Beast” and one of them is none other then Jeff Waters of Annihilator fame, and on tracks like “Time Will Tell” an excellent pace, action driven metal tune, the guitar playing is top notch. More ear-shredding guitar solos come your way via “Motherland” as the thick heavy crunch takes over the song structure.

I couldn’t help but crack a smirk when reading some of the band’s bio as three of the band’s members former bands names are “Mercyful Fake” if you couldn’t tell what their influences range from there you would be blind. All kidding aside, the guys of Lord Volture have plenty to offer on the table for metal fans and headbangers worldwide as the power of the sound here  is to be commended.  All in all the package is very good, the guitar playing especially is excellent and of the highest quality for an independent release and the production is noteworthy as well. Recommended because when bands are trying to break through and you find gems like these, you should support it!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

David Marcelis – Vocals Paul Marcelis – Guitars Leon Hermans – Guitars Simon Geurts – Bass Frank Wintermans – Drums

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