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Nothing More – The Few Not Fleeting

Released by: Indie/Vestia Entertainment

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive contemporary rock



Line Up:

Jonny Hawkins – Vox, Drums, and Programming

Daniel Oliver – Bass, BGV

Mark Vollelunga – Guitar, BGV

Devin Travieso – Drums


1. Gone
2. Salem
3. Fat Kid
4. Waiting On Rain
5. The Cleansing
6. Blue And Gold
7. Dirge
8. Fell In Love With A Ghost
9. The Few Not Fleeting
10. Bullets And Blue Eyes
11. Love?
12. It Seems

How do you take the well worn alt. rock formula and make it sound fresh again? Many bands have attempted to answer that very question over the last handful of years and come up with nothing. If you want the answer, look no further than San-Antonio’s NOTHING MORE.

The band plays an intricate and interesting brand of modern alt. rock that is covered in a sheen of progressive rock and a little smidge of the attitude of heavier punk pop in places, and really have done enough to stand out from the modern rock crowd with a fresh and invigorating sound that while totally radio-friendly and catchy as all get up, still has a certain element of class that should appeal to all fans of well-written rock music.

Before the release of THE FEW NOT FLEETING, the band had already been quite busy and since 2006 have released 2 other albums and an E.P. I can’t use as a reference point though, because I am yet to hear them. What I do know though, is that the band have had a heap of line-up changes and this album is the first to feature Jonny Hawkins as lead vocalist, after stepping up from behind the drums. I was honestly surprised to hear this as Hawkins is a great singer and has an amazing ear for a good melody, something not often associated with drummers. Lyrically NOTHING MORE shine too, and with all of the tales stemming from personal experiences, the heart that has gone into the writing is very evident throughout the playing.

Opening track GONE is one of the best songs I’ve heard this month and as soon as it begins you can tell that this band is something special. SALEM shows the more aggressive side of the group and motors along very nicely. Now, FAT KID, what an awesome and fun track, sounding something akin to SUM 41 crossed with PANIC! AT THE DISCO and has a very cool lyric. THE CLEANSING is a deep song that is quite progressive in nature. BLUE AND GOLD is a haunting slower song that really sends a shiver down your spine. Title track THE FEW NOT FLEETING should be a radio song and reminds me a bit of LINKIN PARK, minus the rapping. A late highlight, and my personal favorite song of the album comes toward the end in BULLETS AND BLUE EYES, which features one of the best choruses I’ve heard in a long, long time.

THE FEW NOT FLEETING has many high points, and no real low points and has managed to single-handedly resurrect my interest in the alt. rock genre. If you are a fan of bands like INCUBUS, LINKIN PARK, PANIC AT THE DISCO and 30 SECONDS TO MARS, you need to hear this album as for me personally NOTHING MORE has trumped all of them. If I had heard this last year when it was first released, it would have definitely made it into my top ten of the year. Highly recommended.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  10/10

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