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Stereo Transmitted Disease – Generation Nothing


Genre: Sleazy Hard Rock


Line Up:

Criss Casso – Vocals

Mike Thatcher – Guitar

Dave Lenat – Lead Guitar

Kjell Benner – Bass

Tom Walling – Drums


1. Generation Nothing

2. A Place Called Home

3. Medicine

4. You Got Fingered

5. She’s Made Of Gold

6. Medicated Children Of America

7. What The Blind Can See

8. Unscathed

9. Love Junk

10. Doin Time

11. In The Morning I’ll Be Gone

STEREO TRANSMITTED DISEASE are a new band hailing from Philadelphia that play an interesting combination of the sleazy hard rock from days gone by and mix it up with a bit of a modern radio rock sound that ends up sounding somewhere in between Nickelback and Buckcherry.

With this formula, the band has ensured that their songs are all damn catchy and totally ready to be heard over the airwaves far and wide. There is a bit of a contrast in writing styles on GENERATION NOTHING with your typical sleazy rock songs like YOU GOT FINGERED and LOVE JUNK, but on the other end of the scale songs like A PLACE CALLED

HOME, WHAT THE BLIND CAN SEE and even SHE’S MADE OF GOLD show a much more mature and concise style of songwriting which actually suits the band better than the sleazier material. MEDICATED CHILDREN OF AMERICA is a very enjoyable track that sounds like a cross between STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and WHITE ZOMBIE. Throughout the eleven songs that make up GENERATION NOTHING, you will hear influences as wide and varied as AC/DC, GUNS N ROSES, BUCKCHERRY, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, ALICE IN CHAINS and a few more that I thought of at the time but escape me now.

This review may be a bit shorter than what I would usually write, but that is due to the fact that there is not a lot of readily available info about the band online, but what I can say is I highly recommend checking the album out as I found the mix of old and new to be a quite refreshing, especially the captivating vocals of CHRIS CASSO.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   8/10

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