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Tony Harnell and the Mercury Train – Round Trip

Release by Frontiers Records

Released on : July 27th, 2010

Genre: Melodic Rock



Line Up:

Jason Hagen – Acoustic guitar and ukulele

Chris Foley – Electric guitar

Brandon Wilde – Bass and vocals

Brad Gunyon – Drums and percussion

Amy Harnell – Vocals and descant recorder

Special guest: Sandi Saraya on “Shame”


01. Somebody Told You

02. Intuition

03. Month Of Sundays

04. Lonely Nights

05. Shame

06. Northern Lights

07. Down To The River To Pray

08. Satellite

09. 10K Lovers

10. Uninvited

11. Ready To Fly

12. When I’m Away *

13. Song For Dianne

14. Anywhere But Here

The idea of fuzzing together pieces to sum all it’s parts and create something greater is commonly used not just music but everyday life. But joining talented musicians in their own right outside of a musical genre and then re-create something original that sticks, well that sometimes is a work of art. Tony Harnell has long been a favorite singer of mine, not only because of his soulful vocal range but in the passion he puts behind every song he sings and has a way of breathing life into it, so when I heard that he was putting together a group of musicians to recompiled some of is older material I was excited. The musicians as aforementioned we’re joined together as separate entities to add a new experience into this songs and totally restructured them completely.

Most of the material covered here was taken from Tony’s stint with TNT, Starbreaker and of course Westworld. At first listen you hardly recognize any of the songs, memories of an acoustic more soulful approach appear via the TNT classic “Intuition” with help from Tony’s wife Amy who also has a great voice, adding a touch of personality to the track. “Month of Sundays” another TNT classic, here sounding more personable and touching from what I remember from the original. It would seem anything that Harnell touches with his great voice can turn to gold and the relaxed atmosphere stressed in these tracks reflect a great retrospect of Tonys’ career. If anybody heard the original TNT – Northern Lights is probably one of the best power ballads of the 80’s and the remake here is broken down to perfection as Harnell once more puts his soul into this one.

In terms of creativity you have to applaud Mr Harnell as he manages to gather together a group of talented musicians and actually create something new into these wonder wall of music. As it turns out the project was actually suppose to take place during a two day marathon session but due to some personal dealings Tony was unable to finish the process there. Regardless of the fact, for what it set out to do, it does pretty well. Reinvent these classic tunes to not only due them justice but creating an easy listening experience for the casual user. Any fan of Harnell and his past works should check this one out.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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